Best of the Flat Earth Proofs for the Summer Holidays


Featured Image – yes, deliberately provocative, but true none the less. 


Below are some of the very best flat Earth proof videos.

These one’s really are for the entire family.

You are not a monkey, flying through space, upside down in New Zealand. For Christ’s sake. Stop getting vaccinated and eating those processed meats and fast foods …..and call us in the morning.

Brainwashing your children with poisonous dehumanizing ball-shit at the schools is only the tip of the iceberg of course. Read up on the Justin Davis Files or the Civic Crache case to learn the worst of what these freaks do to children in the Nation’s they control.

Try these proofs yourself when at the beach or lake etc.

Obvious ones you can do:

  1. the curve of the Earth is alleged to be 8 inches per mile squared. ie) there should be 800 inches or 20 meters of curvature over every 10 miles. So if you can see the other side of the lake – case closed. Or those fishing boats 10-50 miles off shore. They should be gone from view after around 5-7 miles.
  2. if you can see more than 90-120 degrees of coast line at the beach, it should be curved like a ball – not flat – as it always is. Its called “water level” after all.
  3.  watch the angles of the Sun through the clouds. Using basic Pythagoras you can guess the distance to the Sun. Doesn’t add up
  4. keep an eye out for clouds behind the Sun. Bit of a give away.
  5. watch that shadow on the Moon before dusk and even at night. If the Sun is traveling at a different speed to us and the Moon, why does that shadow not change throughout the day? Simple. Its all Masonic ball-shit.

Check it out and try some experiments with the family. Then do a little more research into who the principal is at their school. Make sure they are not under one of those fake names.

Maybe a few of the more musical ones first: 

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      mediawhores says:

      yes it is a circle
      nobody said it wasnt.
      a circle is not a ball
      thats ball shit.
      pushed by nasa

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