Best of the Lunatic Jews Trying to Take Over the Whole World Videos


Featured Image – there is no such thing as Aliens – that would be A Lie. Not on this material plane at least. So do the math…..and fast. 


For those stuck in tents with unlimited data while it is raining…the next in our summer season best of and no doubt the most important. Not all of these videos are suitable for the whole family, not that our videos have ever been, but best hide the kids from these types.

A selection of some of the best videos exposing how lunatic Jews are trying to take over the World using lies, deceit, mafia tactics, staged terrorism, controlling the gangs and MP’s with meth, vaccines, kidnapping children, selling aborted baby parts, the various monopolies & cartels , banking, the religions, control of the media, massive financial fraud, even poisoning you via all of the wineries and breweries they own by adding toxic poisons to every bottle.

Some of these people will be in your communities folks. They usually own businesses that give them access to the public and their children, often restaurant chains and hotels and the likes. As well as most of the lawyers, judges, MP’s and councilors, many of the medical doctors (very dangerous) and most of the mainstream media senior execs and front people.

They could be your neighbors or even camping next to you right now. Although usually in an overpriced mobile German campervan. And seem to use some sort of iPhone App to communicate with each other and coordinate their crimes.

Their history and track record of snatching children is probably the most concerning.

Their plan is to rule over a Jewish World from Israel, mostly via the iPhones, computers and Bitcoin. Perhaps most concerning is how they say they plan to “resume sacrifices at the Temple” once it has been rebuilt in their new capital (in Palestine).

Might pay to know who you are dealing with aye?

Know your lunatic Jews – before they get to you or your children also. The Jewish abortion doctors are probably trying to convince someone you know to have an abortion sacrifice to their God right now.

Keep in mind they specialise in disguise and deceit. They will always come across as ‘liberals’ and are usually quite smart (its a left brain disease), often wearing those new trendy liberal black rimmed reading glasses, but if you listen carefully you will pick up almost immediately on the perversions and tendency towards depravity. Many of them are literally in complete disguise, having been given a new identity in NZ after escaping some sort of serious crime already in another Country – if not NZ.

Their Talmudic Law states that is Ok to steal from you, lie to you, cheat and scam you (think Eric Watson) , and even to rape your children.

The only Jew we have ever met was the son of an Israeli ambassador – named David of course – living in Seoul some years back who was selling cocaine. He got busted but was let off and allowed to return to South Korea anyway. We met him after he tried to steal an export business idea from a friend. We had drinks before he picked up two trannies and took them home presumably for sex. Says it all really. He was certainly a lunatic and no doubt his father also – but we can’t speak for every Jew.

The Israeli Ambassador in Wellington should be being tracked around the clock. In fact he should be in a prison camp for war criminals already and being investigated for any links to the alleged Beehive pedophilia and heroin trafficking rings.

Note – we cover a range of Jewish run industries and scams here to help build a broad awareness. 

Know Your Lunatic Jews: 

Jewish owned and run Google and Youtube have banned the full version of this first one – they had to cut it down and remove all of the Jewish names now in Washington – Washington is the currently the Jewish capital of the World – controlled by pedophilia – until Jerusalem is ready to go.


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