Donald Trump is the Swamp – Covering Up 911 for the Jewish Mafia


Donald Trump is the swamp folks. Real name Drumpf – his Jewish father ran whore houses in Broklyn before getting into real estate with the Jewish mob. Trump is the Jewish mafia.

Surrounded by the same Ashkenazi Jews as Obama was, and Clinton before that.

Much the same pattern as New Zealand politics. Mostly all Jews, or pedophile and drug addict Goy being bribed and controlled.

With the Jews in NZ running the prostitution, meth and other organized crime also. As far as we can tell.

Not to mention almost all of Trump’s family are transvestites. Jewish transvestites to boot. Most ‘leaders’ you see on your TV’s are now Jewish transvestites. Even many of our own. They pretend to be married to help look responsible.

Bush’s job was to cover up 911, start illegal wars for Israel, then scare everyone into voting for Obama. Obama’s job was the communist agenda then scaring everyone into voting for Trump.

Trump’s job is to keep military & financial support going for the Israeli State, while skillfully collapsing the US economy from within under the guise of Jewish owned Wall Street companies still doing well via global trade. The final strike will be those same Jewish owned companies moving offshore, leaving a burnt out shell in the background. What was once the American Empire. Which they controlled all along anyway. Much like the British.

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws” Nathan Rothschild 

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump is the Swamp – Covering Up 911 for the Jewish Mafia”

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    Harry the Dog says:

    Look at the q Anon stuff everywhere. People going batshit crazy about it all. Not counting any chickens myself. Yet.

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    Harry the Dog says:

    Meanwhile DT is rounding up Soros and the Podestas and hopefully the Clintons into Gitmo. ??

    Is this a BS feed going out from Mossad or are the good Jews on top?

    We need MW to do their job here.

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