The Israeli Ambassador Itzhak Gerberg on the Jewish Trade in Human Organs, Abortion Fetuses..& Pedophilia


Featured Image – the Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand – Itzhak Gerberg . Admittedly he has a few titles before his name, but we try to avoid using them these days as we discover more and more of these doctors and ‘Sir’s’ etc are actually practicing psychopaths. Presumably some of his more recent boyfriends pictured in the back. 

“Get the fuck out of our Nation you creepy criminal dork” – unknown. 

Media Whores thought we would reach out to the Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand – Itzhak Gerberg – on this one. Not sure if we will get a response however – they tend to censor by ignoring.

Sure we  could ask him about how the Jews got away with staging 911 and are running the Jewish war of terror while spying on us and our children, or the allegations that the Israeli State are bribing pedophiles across the West to become MP’s – but he probably gets tired of those sorts of questions. And this one arguably effects more Kiwis anyway.

Did you tick the “organ donor” box on your driver’s license? Yeah well you are a bloody idiot. Lulled into a liberal state of insanity via your Jewish owned media. They now have all of your details, usually even your blood type, and your home address. You are a fool. And if you wind up in an ambulance with a Mossad agent – its bonanza time for them and lights out for you.

Exposing below what appears to be the mostly Jewish run abortion industry, associated dead fetus trade, and organ trafficking industry around the World….

Most of the aborted baby parts end up back in your food as HEK293,  called “natural flavours” and also found in most women’s make up products these days.

And a doco below exposing how the Israelis remove the organs of the Palestinian children they murder, before returning the bodies to their families, all stitched back up, if they are lucky. No doubt some NZ coroners, doctors and hospitals will be doing the same. Its huge money.

The Abortion Face of New Zealand – Terry Bellamak

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