Ivanka Trump is a Transvestite Jewish Man…with a Very Expensive Boob Job


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When you feed people a diet of factory farmed vaccinated animals as ‘food’ – the result is scientifically precise. They turn into factory farmed animals themselves. This is one so called  “Universal Law”. You are what you eat. And what you consume in general.




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    Gee says:

    In the Knighthoods and NZ orders of merit, William Rolleston, THE HEAD OF FEDERATED FARMERS for several years was included. This corrupt appointment reads almost like a textbook copy of the knighthoods given to Michael Cullen and Geoffrey Palmer. According to the “sworn court evidence of Gregg Hallett’s. Sworn evidence that was corruptly removed by the Auckland District Court from public and ordinary police viewing” in 2008/9. Hallett maintains as sworn evidence, that the Courts still refuse as public use, that both Cullen and Palmer got knighthoods for covering up the massive police corruption and political child sex crimes in Dunedin. In 1985.
    Hallett maintains that so important was this to the paedophile banksters that this was the reason that Geoffrey Palmer got put onto the Privy council. So a really major coverup was taking place. Similarly 10 years later the mass murder of the Bain family took place in Dunedin when David Bain’s two sisters were about to expose them all. At the time a large 200 ft American registered vessel, disguised as a tuna fishing boat, the Zora was seen with at least 30 Mossad paedophile ring child sex compromise enforcers on board. A very, very expensive operation of several mont6hs planning that would have had to have included at the very least as far as the PM of the time Catholic Jim Bolger, who after this became Ambassador to Washington (claimed to be the paedophile capital of the Universe) and most especially the Minister of Defence of the time, Warren Cooper, later to become mayor of Queenstown.(very close to Dunedin). It is suggested that at least 6 Mossad operatives were required to kill the entire Bain family, especially considering that Stephen was strangled to death with his own T shirt, while the others were being held down and shot, and the house then being burnt down by the local fire department only several days later. Firemen were well involved in the gang baton rape of Louise Nicole with Clint Rickard and co involved. Ian Wishart later exposed this Dunedin criminal mob of child sex extortionists in 2008 as the HUB of NZ police corruption and their arrogance does not appear to have changed much since then with further charges against police in the area doing whatever they want to.
    For several years William Rolleston was responsible to farmers for totally unnecessary and damaging pest control with 1080, disguised to benefit farmers and NZ, payments costing hundred’s of millions of dollars. That obviously got sucked out of the farmers and NZ’s treasury and into the banksters. That this was done deliberately and with full knowledge of just how false it was. This was in relation to the use of 1080 poison. The technique he used to scam this money was for TB control. 10,000 hectares in the Nelson area was also done last year with this scam of “TB control”. Even though not a single possum had ever been found with TB in this entire area.
    TB control is one of the common tricks they use to poison everything precious in the NZ forest ecosystem. And get large amounts of money to do the job with. The trouble is that since about 2009 the most massive ten years of peer reviewed research in the UK very clearly established that TB WAS SPREAD FURTHER AND FASTER AFTER POISONING OPERATIONS. This scumbag William Rolleston was clearly aware of this and proceeded to continue to charge these huge amounts of money to NZ farmers, to the NZ public, in full knowledge of the corrupt criminality of his behaviour. So in reality he got his knighthood for total betrayal of NZ farmers and the NZ public, just like Cullen and Palmer, and for “increasing the speed and distance” of the spread of TB on their farms. Disguised as valid pest control. Whereas in fact doing the exact opposite. Feeding the banksters pockets at the expense of NZ farms and NZ ecosystem. That is the real reason he got his NZ order of merit for sure. With the paedophile ring banksters laughing all the way to the bank.

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