Best of the Summer Immigrant Gang Brawls – New Zealand & Australia


Featured image – NZ immigration minister Iain Lees -Galloway – yet to comment on allegations that many of our MP’s are ” all whack job Freemasons and perverts” being bribed by the Israeli State”, or that ISIS (the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) is now running our immigration system. 


Continuing on with our Best Of Summer Series – below is a small collection of some of the best ethnic gang brawls across New Zealand and Australia under our new ‘liberal’ open borders immigration policy, supported and enforced by the liberals in both National and Labour.

Media Whores is aware that NZ Maori are equally appalled with what is going on – not least due to the housing crisis and sell off of land.

Many more Kiwis are a bit peeved that all of the good old fashion tinny houses have been replaced with WINZ / Government sponsored and police protected meth houses.

Muslim terrorists are not running our Government’s folks. Freemasons are. While they all still support the apartheid racist State of Israel, who are yet to take in even one refugee from all of the wars they have orchestrated since 911.

A quick message from one of the Globalist elite social engineers

Australians “fleeing” their suburbs

Do Jews Run the Meth, Brothels & Prostitution Industries in New Zealand?

Brendon O’Connell Released from NZ’s “Third World” Prisons – “Worse than Manus Island”

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