Best of the Jewish Holocaust Hoax – with Leighton ‘Smith’


Featured Image – Washington and Mossad programmer and war criminal – Leighton ‘Smith’  of Newstalk/ Speak ZB – with his recent award from Radio BC Jerusalem. Invited to add comment. 


Media Whores is aware that Kiwis will be suffering over the holidays season from mainstream media withdrawal, as many of their favorite inbred sex offenders and / or professional liars take a break, mostly at 5 star resorts in the third world child sex slavery capitals.

Thus our efforts to provide our 50-70,000 odd daily readers with some of best of the stuff the corporate whores all seem to have somehow missed over the year/s, while you were all busy at work trying to pay your mortgages and taxes for your Jewish banking overlords.

Not least of which – the ongoing cover up of the so called Holocaust. In fact an ongoing holy cause for the Jewish homeland and blanket global monopoly and supremacy. They like to add a man on the cross in the important words – Holy Cause-T, plane-T, grave-Ty etc.

Best of the Holyhoax below……one of our favorites is the Anne Frank Diary Hoax – written in ball point pen, years before those pens were invented. First up though – some important background info on our top so called ‘news’ readers

Leighton Smith Related to Senior Jewish Mossad Agent – George Friedman

Leighton Smith is Covering Up the NZ Masonic Child Abuse Rings


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