Jacinda Ardern on Peter Thiel, Blood Drinking & the Export Trade in Aborted Human Fetus Tissue & Body Parts


Featured Image – Jacinda Ardern & Peter Thiel. The new Global elites. 


Yes we know it is not pleasant folks. If you want pleasant, go watch the psychotic inbred sex offenders on Newshub. We do reality, not social engineering posing as entertainment.

Media Whores is reaching out to ‘Jacinda’ Ardern for comment on Peter Thiel, the homosexual Jewish / Russian billionaire who helped start Paypal and Facebook and now wants the entire World on Bitcoin. Peter Thiel has stated publicly that he has an interest in getting blood transfusions from young donors to help him live longer. Such a role model for young Kiwis. Peter Thiel was granted citizenship to NZ after a 12 day visit and now visits once a year for a week or so.How can it be ruled out that he is now indeed getting the blood transfusions he craves?

Then we have the scandal involving Planned Parenthood in the USA – where their staff across the Nation have been filmed trying to sell the body parts of aborted babies – which has essentially been covered up in NZ. The same Planned Parenthood agencies operate in NZ now also – with Jewish lady Terry Bellamak fronting a lot of it. We have seen no direct evidence as yet that Terry Bellamak (if her real name) is involved in selling aborted baby fetuses to the elites, but how can one rule it out if the entire scandal has been silenced in NZ?

Bump – The Abortion Face of New Zealand – Terry Bellamak

If you Google Radio NZ Planned Parenthood – all you will find are articles that promote abortion and interviews with people like Terry Bellamak who promote abortion in New Zealand. They have deliberately covered up the Planned Parenthood scandal while actively promoting abortion in NZ. Radio NZ are the same gang that have covered up Israel / Jewish involvement in 911 and all of the staged terrorism since, it should be noted. They are clearly a bunch of Marxist degenerates, John Campbell included. Our state run broadcaster is pure Jewish Mossad, mixed with a little day to day CIA programming. And they appear to be covering up the illegal trade in aborted baby fetuses as well.

Jacinda Ardern has certainly never commented on it. She is in fact an active supporter of abortion – as with so many of these new elites. In fact she wants to legalise it formally which could of course mean far more aborted baby fetus parts for the black market.


So Jacinda Ardern and our State owned broadcaster are both big advocates for abortion – while they both stay silent on the fact that these abortion agencies are proven to be selling aborted baby body parts to wealthy buyers. Nice.

Some argue Jacinda Ardern is in fact another transvestite man herself and it can’t be ruled out that she has a fondness for abortions also. See image below from a TVNZ clip – this is not the same person, the face is much smaller, the hair part has changed position, the ears are a different shape, the teeth changed shape and position, the nose bridge is different, in fact the entire nose, the chin, forehead etc. It is not the same ‘girl’. TVNZ seem to be hiding that clip on line now, but we think it explained that the family were Mormons – and the father has now been promoted to Niue as High Commissioner for NZ – they all get promotions after all. Media Whores will try and do some research on child abuse  in Niue later. The Mormons are of course another Jewish run supremacist religion.


Media Whores asks Jacinda Ardern or any of her army of corporate spokespeople and handlers if she thinks NZ should have an investigation into our various abortion agencies in light of the Planned Parenthood scandal, to make sure that people like Terry Bellamak are not trading in dead baby parts. And also whether she thinks we need an investigation into how a Jewish Russian billionaire who says he wants to drink the blood of children to live longer, can be granted citizenship in NZ after being here only 12 days?

Truth is stranger than fiction folks. Everything they do is an ongoing cover up operation. And it appears as if we are their food.


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