Why are the Jews Cutting Off their Penises, Drinking the Blood…and Selling Baby Abortion Body Parts?


Featured Image – a Jewish Rabbi sucks the blood from an 8 day old Jewish baby’s penis after cutting the end off it.


Thought we were done for the day after that last little gem (might be a quiet night out at the Ponsonby sodomy clubs tonight) –  but ended up watching one of those Jewish child genital sacrifice videos and thought we would highlight it.

Also the ones of Jews busted selling aborted Goy baby parts. What’s up with that? Some say they eat them to make themselves feel younger – which could explain why they also suck the blood out of the children’s circumcised dicks.  Others claim it gives them some sort of magic sodomy powers to help them rule over the Goy slaves by turning the boys into sexual deviants for life –  not our words – see videos below.

Either way – it is obviously Satanic and needs to be exposed and banned in New Zealand. We need to stop these religious lunatics abusing their children. Many of these circumcision victims and blood drinkers are running our media and Government and who knows what else they are into? Well – we do for one, and have done our best to warn others.

Presumably this is why they also always promote and push abortion in the societies they have invaded – to help keep the flow of aborted baby parts going. These same aborted fetuses are now finding their way into the Jewish owned food companies – such as Unilver – so called HEK293 proteins – disguised as “natural flavours” and “artificial flavours” – see video below – in all of your favorite ice cream and chocolate brands as well as most of your favorite fast foods.  Kiwis are chomping it down every night of the week, pushed at them non stop via the Jewish controlled media. Thane Kirby would probably win a National prize for his consumption of those type of products. In fact we think he may have with some KFC burgers.

The abortion movement is led in NZ by one Terry Bellamak – probably also Jewish but haven’t checked up. Radio NZ are big fans of her work….exposing well who they are also…Satanists.

The Abortion Face of New Zealand – Terry Bellamak

You will not learn any of this via the mainstream media – that’s for sure. They all seem to be sworn to secrecy, and most are victims themselves.


Here we go – Jews sucking the dicks of 8 day year old kids as they bleed, often giving the kids herpes. Very weird. Well- evil really. Viewer discretion advised….

Thane Kirby and Luke Dallow are yet to comment. Or his cousin Simon Dallow. Come on guys – can’t we all agree to leave the poor baby penises alone. God intended that way surely. It may be too late for you guys, but why keep passing it on down the line?


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