Summer Health & Safety Tips – Avoiding the German Summer Sex Tourists


Featured Image – some German sex tourists.


As the summer holiday season rolls on – Media Whores thought this would be a useful article for fellow Kiwis – how to keep you and your children safe from the roaming German summer sex tourists.

It is no secret that new age liberal Germans are some of the biggest perverts on the Planet – even the Germans know this – and ten’s of thousands of them make their way to New Zealand over the summer months. The Nation has almost become a holiday Island State for Germans – and many if not most of them are perverts of some persuasion. Some even claim the bloodline controlling our Government’s hails from Germany – some sort of German Jew / Transylvania blood line.

Media Whores once met one of these roaming German sex tourist in a Nelson pub who claimed he was an International DJ and had around 5,000 acid trips hidden in his music equipment. Admittedly, great work if you can get it, but he went on to proudly explain that he was hoping to publish a book on his travels called “50 Pussies from Around the World” featuring photos of one prostitute from each nation he had visited. He was fresh out of the local Nelson whore house and showed us his latest pics. Media Whores was shocked……once the acid finally wore off 2-3 days later.

In the interests of political correctness, we should note that the German sex tourist was paying the hookers a little extra to take the photos.

After the Jews won wwii  and the old Germany completely destroyed, they rounded up all of the German kids and started teaching them the fake holocaust story, removed all of their school uniforms and kicked off one of the most intensive Marxist ‘liberal’ (which translates as child sex) agendas in the World – removing the right to question the holocaust and forcing those same German children to fund the new Nazi/ Israeli State their entire lives. The result is near complete Talmudic mind control across the German populace. They were even convinced to vote in Hitler’s daughter as their current leader – big woops.

The result has been a Nation overly represented with these neo liberal perverts and Talmudic MK Ultra mind control victims. These same slimy liberals are then promoted into high paying jobs at all of the Jewish owned German corporations and are thus the ones with the money to travel.

Add to that the cold blooded creepy Germans are some of the biggest blood drinkers on the Planet. The average German adult can scoff down up to 3kg of red meat each day – which is right up there with the Komodo Dragon – with some claiming they are in fact the closest thing to a two legged reptile on Earth. Well – maybe the second closest thing….not counting the Russians. (Trying to lay off the Jew thing for a day or two).

Basic things to look out for:

  • those overpriced late model German camper vans. These machines are very high tech, like with most of what the Germans do, and could well have hidden cameras, if not built in basement areas for ‘processing’ their prey’.
  • those black rimmed reading glasses. This is standard when warning about all and any child abusers, period.
  • still believes in the holocaust – the ones still pushing that fairytale are usually the ones who actually ran it. Just come out and ask them direct. The degree of fained offense could be precisely equal to the level of interest they have in nearby children – although admittedly not scientific.
  • gangs of two or more German males traveling together. These people are here hunting, rest assured. They are quite good at making light conversation in their slithering tones, but rest assured blood is their only real passion.
  • those Wicked campers owned by that Jewish Australian pervert with pedophilia messages all over them. This seems to be some kind of separatist child abuse cult they are all involved in and it is safe to presume the people hiring those vans are part of it.
  • try to avoid the butcheries and red meat section of the supermarkets . Once these people get the red blood smell in their noses it is best to stand back.
  • butch looking German girls in yoga pants that are a few sizes too small. They may look like chicks, but pay close attention to the size of the feet and hands. Worst case scenario, you could end up married to one, and your chances of survival will be on par with the citizens of Dresden at the end of wwii.

Well – that’s just a few basic tips. Just being aware of the problem is the best advice. There are of course some good Germans around, but keeping an eye out for those ‘liberal’ types is probably the number one thing. Much like any trip you do into the big NZ cities these days. ‘Liberal’ seems to be code for “child abuse” so that is always the best rule to follow.

Over and out. And remember – the chemicals in the sun block creams are what causes skin cancer.

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