MW Review: What We (Really) Do in the Shadows – Taika Waititi


Featured Image Taika Waititi Cohen – NZ’s leading Jewish Russian…Maori . And a couple more tax payer funded ‘liberal’ arts degenerates playing dress up fantasy – possibly all related. If you want tax payer funding these days for your theater project, best you include pedophilia, sodomy and murder as your themes. In fact – MW should submit an application. The word “Jew” appearing on our website probably counts us out however.  Not least, “Russian Jews”. They will be controlling the funding, and agenda, rest assured. 


With the avalanche of Jewish Russian pedophilia and mafia crime scandals breaking across the World – not least in the field of show business – Media Whores thought we would go back and take a look at this piece of over funded theater by ‘our own’ Taika Waititi – the Jewish Russian wonder boy who has experienced a meteoric rise through the ranks of both our own Jewish owned media industry as well as Jewish / Russian owned Hollywood – even as the entire industry starts collapsing under the weight of their own relentless pedophilia scandals. No small feat.

Was he trying to tell us all something? Was this a veiled, tax payer funded cry for help?

Of course most young Maori who show any real leadership potential are quickly locked up in jail, so how did this young Jewish Maori manage to pull himself up to such great heights?

The key to success across various corporate industry these days, including media and show business, seems to be becoming homosexual and claiming Jewish heritage, then the doors to the heavens open up ahead of you. Admittedly the same for whitie these days also. If you are not a homo, part of the ‘tribe’, or both  – you are not politically correct to begin with, which seems to rule you out from the onset.

It will be a cold day in hell when Media Whores actually watches any of the homosexual and satanic propaganda that is pumped out by the likes of Media Works, Netflix, Hollywood, or any of their media whores – so instead of actually watching and reviewing this crap, we have just posted some more videos below showcasing the very best Jewish and Jewish Russian pedophile scandals of recent years – many of which involve real child sacrifice, blood drinking and related depravity, most of which has been covered up by this same Jewish owned media.

Could this be what these types really get up to in the shadows?  With Taika Waitit and his small army of Masonic handlers trying to confess the truth? Readers can make up their own minds.

Media Whores is yet to hear back from Taiki Cohen on the offer to front our campaign to end Jewish child genital sacrifice and mutilation in New Zealand, which some claim is the very root cause of the psychosis that so many of these people face their entire lives.

Note, some regular readers will be tiring of seeing many of the same videos posted, but we are creating headlines which others will find in their searches later on – with the goal of waking up as many sleeping Kiwis as possible to some of the real issues we face these days, that Duncan Garner and the likes are all apparently paid to cover up and censor. The purpose really is to help warn Kiwis so they can keep their own children safe.

One new video of a US man proudly admitting that he shot a top abortion doctor in the face and killed him. Not that Media Whores condones the use of violence to solve the growing problem of demonic possession. Some say these demons just come back to life anyway, so any sort of final solution possibly requires a little more thought.

Disclaimer – Media Whores in no way wishes to imply that all Jews and Jewish Russians were repeatedly and violently raped as children, under Talmudic Law, or that they then all go on to become serial pedophiles and blood drinkers themselves. Or that they are all trannies. That would breach our very own Political Correctness standards, which clearly takes precedence over massive organized child rape, in any self respecting new age ‘liberal’ media. 

blavatnik-weinstein-jeiwsh-prostitution-zionist  Harvey+Weinstein+Stars+Hanging+Out+Russian

Image – Jewish Weinstein with his Jewish Russian bosses 

Jacinda Ardern on Peter Thiel, Blood Drinking & the Export Trade in Aborted Human Fetus Tissue & Body Parts

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