Phil Gifford on Masonic Ritual Sodomy – & Letting Other Men Put their Hands Up Your Bum


Featured Image – Phil Gifford – media whore stalwart – or just plain old wart. 


Looks like Phil Gifford may have been reading Media Whores and has subtly swapped the black rimmed reading glasses for another colour in the same liberal range.

If you ever meet anyone who has been in the mainstream media business this long folks – run like hell. Not least the ones who look overly groomed, overly fed, and have those big red glowing cheeks, like they just swallowed something ‘youthful’. We can all see now that they are ‘protected’ men, usually until long after they are gone.

Here is Phil Gifford congratulating Wayne Smith on letting other men put their hands up his rectum. Doing so is considered ‘advanced medical science’ and some sort of achievement these days.

Perhaps the most hilarious thing about Phil Gifford and his Masonic bullshit is all of the advertising that accompanies him for the very same thing that causes these cancers to begin with – additives in all of the processed foods.

As our readers well know – all ‘advanced’ medical science is in fact a masonic hoax – designed to kill you, or in the very least, mock and degrade you. The prostate cancer treatment called Radical Prostatectomy  is of course no different.

Like everything medical these days – the condition itself is Masonic lie, then the treatment is a further lie added on top.

There are hundreds of known cures for cancer, all of which essentially achieve the same thing – alkalizing the blood. No dis-ease can survive in the body if your blood is clean. It’s that simple. This involves a pure alkaline diet of fruit and veges, lots of pure water, sunlight or even sun-gazing, and walking on dirt. Yes really, walking barefoot on dirt for 30+ minutes each day helps detox the body. There is no money in it of course, so don’t expect Fat Ass Phil to ever mention it.

There is only one dis-ease known to man – that of acidic blood – and the cure is to alkalize it.

The very same food additives that Phil Gifford helps promote in the media are the same chemicals slowly building up in your organs because your body cannot process chemicals (well at least – it is not designed to) and they will eventually cause your organs to shut down and thus cause obesity and cancer. Greedy obese types like Phil Gifford are generally far too lazy to give up the poisons however and so rely on various forms of new age masonic medical sodomy instead.

If you have an addiction to McDonalds, KFC or just processed foods in general or have been sitting in front of your Sky/ Heaven TV or computer for too long and start getting ass pain – the very last thing you want to do is go and see one of the Nation’s lunatic masonic doctors and get a’ test’. They will have their hand up your ass before you can say “Holy Ritchie Mccaw”  and you will be feeling ashamed and violated for the rest of your days – whether you care to admit it or not. Unless you are into that sort of thing of course in which case, go to town. The new age liberal government probably even funds it.

Phil Gifford appears to be a big fan of having other men put their hands up his bum, because he has been singing this tune of Radical Prostatectomy for some time now.

“Prostate cancer” is one of the latest Masonic hoaxes designed to let homosexual doctors put their hands up as many other mens’ bums as possible. It is a form of Masonic ritual sodomy. The agenda is to turn as many men into compromised, broken and degraded Goy as they can – as the Masons race to try and convert the entire Western World into worshipers of their transgender Goat. Yes it sounds like a bad Weinstein script, but no one listened to the warnings about him either and look what he got away with. You might want to check out the goat thing below.


The Persian/ Masonic transgender Goat God. Note the Islamic crescent moon and pentagram, and also the Jewish Scepter used by both the Vatican and Russian Orthodox Church. There has clearly been a little bit of back country goat romance going on somewhere along the Abrahamic Biblical time line. 

“”The scepter shall not depart from Judah, Nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, Until Shiloh comes, And to him shall be the obedience of the peoples.” – Genesis – the same section that warns you not to eat dead stuff. 

Each to their own though – if you want to follow in the footsteps of Phil Gifford and his hands up the rectum agenda – you got for it. Our money is on walking the dog, running on the beach and avoiding all of the additives in the foods. And no one’s hand up the rectum.

In fact we wouldn’t rule out that the Masons these Kiwis are working with and for are actually spiking their coworkers food and drinks with certain chemicals to hurry the whole process on – so as to push the whole medical sodomy agenda in the media.

Disclaimer – Media Whores cannot say for sure if Phil Gifford is now secretly worshiping transgender goats, or is a Freemason, or even how many other men’s hands he has had up his rectum – but we do know that the mainstream media is run by homosexual Masonic rapists that demand these sort of rituals and ‘sacrifices’ and that Gifford has been up near the top of the list of these whores for some time. And fighting to stay there it seems also. Promoting Masonic sodomy rituals to the NZ public seems to be his ticket. Media Whores in no way wishes to infringe on the rights of Phil Gifford to have other men put their hands up his bum. We just don’t think he should be pushing it on others for a living. 

Here he is – NZ’s very own corporate sport wonder whore…now also a medical expert. Or salesman at least.


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