The Astrological Truths & Universal Laws that Rule Over All of Us


Featured Image – the sign of the son of man in the heavens. Aquarius. Media Whores has said before that this is the only sign of man in the heavens, but actually Orion the bear hunter is another. Take a look up at night and you will his ‘arrow’ pointing directly at Sirius. 

Been a bit light on the knowledge section so here goes.

Dear Kiwis, we have all undergone a massive dumbing down since wwii. Via the media and televisions, vaccines and additives/ poisons in all of the food.

Everything you see on your TV is a lie and a hoax. With the exception of 50% of the weather reports, and the car crashes, everything else these perverted inbred freaks and child abusers feed you is nonsense. Masonic lies designed to poison you and your family, so they can profit off the solutions they market and sell. It is pure madness.

Everyone you see on your TV these days is a pedophile, a lunatic, or a transvestite. Or all three. Awkward, but true.

Knowledge is the only real power – and the ruling Masonic transgender bloodline hide it all from you – feeding you all beliefs instead. All of your beliefs be lies. All of them. Rest assured. Right down to the shape of the planet you live on, what you should be eating, and even the true life expectancy of human beings.

If you want to learn truth and empower yourself, so you can see through all of the ball-shit and better keep you and your family safe and well – then switch off the ball-shit – this website included – and learn it.

The Library of Alexandria has now reopened – but maybe not for long. Download them and go over and over until it sinks in.

The key is learning what the letters and words we use mean – and where they came from. You can then easily decipher the masonic bullshit on every occasion. You only have to learn it once.

The letters match the procession of those lights in the sky – the giant, precise clock we live in. Humanity has studied those lights and their procession for hundreds of thousands of years and the truths they discovered are universal. They apply to everyone.

Tis is not ‘new age’. This is old age, and present age. The source of all knowledge in the Bible and the likes.

We are not selling anything here. Truth is free. And it belongs to all of us, our birthright.

Switch off the never ending masonic hoaxes and bullshit – and empower yourself and your family. You can even learn how to doctor yourself – as you are meant to.

Also three useful websites referenced below. They will make sense once you have watched some of the videos.

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