The Homosexuality Hoax – Homosexuality comes from Child Abuse, Not Genetics – Leading Doctor


Featured Image – Dr Jospeh Nicolosi 

Can one of the Sayanim spies please pass this article on to Simon Dallow and his cousin this morning? Hear the Good News lads!

Medias Whores stumbled across this video recently when watching some more of UK blogger Tom Cahill’s work.

Tom did a piece detailing how Dr Joseph Nicolosi was murdered shortly after doing an interview with leading Jewish homosexual Stephen Fry and suggested that perhaps Stephen Fry and the Jewish homosexual mafia were to blame.

We decided to check out one of the doctor’s talks and thought we would publish it – given we have run many stories that involve Masonic homosexuality and pedophilia.

It is clear from our research, and presumably to those who read this site that there is an obvious link between Jewish Freemasonry, child abuse and homosexuality in many of the cases and stories we have covered – if not all of them.

Much like the medical industry, and even Nasa, the Masonic powers that be invent a whole bunch of fake science and then present the issue as something only they understand and can prescribe solutions to. These are always based on lies and fraud and the problem then grows to great and profitable heights with everyone looking in the wrong place for solutions – or the wrong problem to begin with. The Jewish Masons specialise in this type of fraud and mind control.

It is said that all 33 degree Freemasons are in fact homosexual transgenders and thus the agenda they always push. The Jewish Masons essentially invent these lies so as to grow their cult, their power and their businesses. It is all mind control. And convincing child abuse victims that they have a gene they cannot change, makes sure they have a never ending stable of gay sex partners going forward also. Heaven on Earth for the Jewish Masons and their transgender goat God.

They even lie about the HIV/AIDS bullshit – more videos below. It is all about profit and control. Mk Ultra mind control. As clearly laid out in the Jewish Talmud.

Dr Nicolosi points out below that “hundreds” of studies have proven that there is ZERO genetic influence on homosexuality, and that in every case he and his fellow doctors have seen, the person in question suffered both emotional and physical abuse from one or more parent and then at some stage made the decision to become homosexual.

He also claims homosexuals can be ‘cured’ through what they call “reparative” therapy (a word now blocked by the transgender executives at Google spell checker – we need to do an article on all of the words being blocked these days by Google – now called Alphabet Inc. Pineal Gland is another obvious one. They are slowly burning the Library of Alexandria- again). 

If the good doctor is correct – it makes it clear that we have a situation where homosexual Jewish Freemasons have invented this idea of homosexuality being genetic, so that their is no cure, and they can grow and encourage their stable of homosexuals around the World.

Lying to someone so you can sleep with them is akin to a form of rape. So the problem then becomes one of a bunch of Homosexual Freemason Gay Rapists running the show – and the media. Which aligns with all of the other research we have done also.


Media Whores would also like to reach out to Duncan Garner and his masonic handlers for comment…….most notably the dude on the left


This is great info for the gays really – as it makes clear that you do not have to engage in sodomy and muddy the dick at all – what you need to do is confront your past, and the people who abused you. Exposing them is the best idea – as thousands are doing across the web these days. NZ is crawling with Masonic pedophiles and the more they are exposed the better. Get started today, jump on Facebook and call out the pedophiles. Media Whores and others are exposing them all of the time… is good for the Nation, not just the soul, so give it a go.


I just thought I’d let you know that Sir Roger Douglas is a Convicted Paedophile, as of 1999.

You have him at the bottom of your article. 


Sir Roger Douglas was charged with paedophilia by his stepson.  

Officially Roger Douglas was given a traffic ticket. 

Roger Douglas was knighted in 1990, with his paedophilia in mind. 

He was given a Knight Bachelor, which is the most basic and lowest rank of knighthood.

Your Chief Justice Sian Elias is married to a child sex abuser, Hugh Fletcher.   

Both were involved in the cover-up of the murder of David McNee by Philip Leyton Edwards.

The former Governor-General Silvia Cartwright is married to the paedophile Peter Cartwright. 

Attorney-General and Speaker of the House of Parliament, Margaret Wilson, was a KGB Gang-Bang Prostitute, even with one leg. She was that keen.  

Lowell Goddard was raised by Sian Elias, Silvia Cartwright, and Margaret Wilson – all wives of paedophiles, with Margaret Wilson a one legged prostitute who no one wanted to marry, not even any NZ Herald reporters. 

Greg Hallett



Quickly – another Jewish tranny – Sara Silverman – says they did kill Christ. And proud of it.

Tom Cahill on the murder of Dr Joseph Nicolosi…..

Here is the interview with Stephen Fry – pay close attention to the domineering Jewish mother who does the thinking for the son, who still lives at home, and then Stephen Fry admitting his father was “very cold” ie) a child abuser. 


Dr Nicolosi explains his work……




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    Lee says:

    Good to see the sickness of homosexuality put where it begins, a child abuse sickness.
    What needs clarifying are the numbers. These numbers came from 2 separate scientific research articles. One had about 240 children abused and another about 340 children abused on average by predatory pedophiles. This averaged at about 200 children abused by child sex predators. That one in 8 of these children go on to become pedophiles. MEANING that each pedophile creates an initial 25 new pedophiles who then carry on the same path. So that 25 times 25 = 625 new pedophiles. Who in turn get to some 200 times 625 children. HUGE.

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