“98%” of the People on TV are Masonic Pedophiles…Black Child


Featured Image – Mark Zuckerberg and Snoop Dog. All of the famous people you see you on your TV have Jewish masonic billionaire ‘owners’ – and according to some, as many as 98% of them are pedophiles. This is how they get promoted…and protected. International at least, and the same gang own the media in NZ also. Not to mention our Government (Goldman Sachs). Do the math.


No comment from Thane Kirby as yet or his previous ‘master’ – Luke Dallow.  Or Jack Tame for that matter. There seems to be an almost Masonic code of silence across the NZ media – as the foreign bank sponsored neo communist  party rolls on. That said, they could all be the illusive 2%.



False Idol – Thane Kirby – We will unleash the degenerates – Albert Pike  

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