Can the Illuminati Trannies Save Us All from The Israeli Jewish Terrorist State?


Featured Image – Lorde being made famous, again, by the same Jewish media. 


Can the mostly Jewish Illuminati trannies save us all from the lies, deceit and terrorism of the Jewish State?

This is no doubt the question on the World’s mind as 2018 kicks off.

The Jews needed some headlines – so headlines is what you will get.

The holocaust has been mentioned another 1000 times in major newspapers and shows across the World.

People are divided – as always – just as the Jewish Masons planned.

You know – given a choice between neighbours – one of whom was always stealing your land and shooting at your kids while calling you a racist, and the other a tranny who was always dressing up funny, singing and dancing and trying to entertain your children…Media Whores would probably have asked if there were a third option at all? At which stage we were usually thrown out of class, as well as out of bars across various continents – for asking the wrong kinds of questions.

Here is the low down folks. Most if not all of the illuminati trannies are in fact Jewish themselves. They are in fact a Jewish invention. They have ALL been promoted and protected by the Jewish owned media while they collected prizes and awards along with millions of dollars – all based on fraud – depriving others of those same prizes – and turning the World into one giant big Masonic TV tranny parade . Yet now we are supposed to believe that these same two groups are suddenly at war with each other – over the rights of Muslims?

Madness. And pure theatre.

If these elite Jews come out and admit that the Earth is Flat – or that the Jews did 911 and run the entire War of Terror – then it is worth listening to.

Don’t hold your breath.

Its called “wag the dog” and distracts attention from real issues and the big question – that of total World wide Jewish control and influence. Or Global Jewish Corporate Communism – as foretold and promised.

“For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over manynations, but they will not rule over you.” – the little black leather Masonic cube. 

The circus is only going to get more insane, until the Jews achieve their long held dream of Armageddon – before some say they eventually crawl off back into the hole at the center of the Flat Earth where some are claiming they come from and leave whatever remains of the human race in some sort of stone age peace. So at least some of us can look forward to that.

“Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who created the advert, said Ms Moses was “respectfully wrong”.

“There should be no tolerance for intolerance. No safe sanctuary for anti-Jewish bigotry,” he wrote on Twitter.”: – Jewish owned Newshub 

Read that again – there will be no tolerance for intolerance. Note also it is in the entertainment section.

These people are certifiable. The Masonic/ Messianic ones that is.


Gal Cadot – the Israeli Transgender Miss Universe Holocaust Survivor Hoax


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3 thoughts on “Can the Illuminati Trannies Save Us All from The Israeli Jewish Terrorist State?”

  1. The Amazon book, The No Girls Talk Club, covers the similar theme as Mike’s of an independent South Island State breaking away from the North Island at time of disorder. It has complementary ideas of a State for all netizens run via Internet voting and Social Credit.

    1. mediawhores says:

      yes, the solutions are all obvious.
      “where are the republics” to quote Plato
      notice his quote at bottom of our site also
      we really need to stop complaining and get on with it.
      point taken 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Noticed the numbers of potential paedophiles present in NZ society, thanks to the NZ political treachery agenda. Pretty sick alright and then to make sure of it they give them positions in charge of children in Government disguised paedophile organisations. Which according to Justin Davis files include the police child abuse squad, the family court and the previous Department of Child welfare. 625 paedophiles x 200 children each after only two paedophile generations that could be as short as 30 years is 125,000 children or 4200 children per year that ONLY ONE PAEDOPHILE DAMAGES. This paedophile business enabled by the NZ Courts has got to be worse than a DNA wrecking ball chemical bomb going off in the midst of normal families. Mass destruction of the safety of the child disguised as Government child protection policy.
    I suggest South Island separation, and create a new “sister” Government. A bit like the natural state of the universe “yin and yang”. Nothing less than the death penalty to all paedophiles so as to make the “family” prosperity economy actually run, with normal sound and happy children. Who in turn can create a normal healthy and happy future for their own children. Or send the paedophiles en masse back to the inbred North Island Government to look after. Only one paedophile falling on a rock accidentally in this way protects as many as 120,000 children in only two generations of the bloody things. No wonder Moses gave unbreachable orders to wipe the sodomites and paedophiles out totally. That protecting families and children from the disgusting and totally evil corruption of paedophiles and sodomites does not come under the 10 commandments as illegal. In fact to not take care of them in such fashion is totally criminal. They have got to go back to the North Island where they belong and keep the South Island as a paedophile free zone.
    The North Island wants to make the laws, then keep the bloody paedophiles in their own smelly vomit and faeces ridden community terrorist diabolical lying perverse mess. Funding is simple. Put zero% GST on imports, so imports go mostly to the South Island and businesses will normally naturally follow the money, from which internal tourism to the South Island will follow suit. No extradition policy with the North Island Criminal Government so political prisoners can be set free in their own country. And behave or get sent back to the paedophile ring Government. Guarantee 6 years free university education so all the overseas NZ students can come back safely and higher education is not available to only the privileged few. Zero personal income tax (in compliance with legal requirements of the Common Law) so much more money(at least 30% plus) is put into circulation to beef up the internal economy so businesses can not only survive but begin to create many more jobs. Allow all North Island citizens to become registered South Island companies with free accounting, so that all income tax money comes back to the South Island and Bank accounts are in the South Island, so that when the paedophile ring Governments economy collapses the money of NZ citizens is safe from the corrupt North Island paedophile Government that would otherwise empty their bank accounts and cause massive internal strife, if not outright civil war. This way all the people’s money is protected from the North Island Government paedophile rings corrupt theft and robbery. Initiate International Arrest warrants for the likes of Lowell Goddard, Bill English, Nick Smith, John Key, Helen Clark and so many, many others, so they cannot leave the North Island nor go to the South Island or Internationally without being arrested. Establish 12 months compulsory military training to help cleanse the sick spirits of the paedophile agenda fashionably feminine child abused males and set 6 months of that 12 months as ground based pest control work in the South Island. To save our native birds and precious wildlife treasury form the corrupt North Island paedophile ring Government. It is well established evidence covered up by DOC that on the West Coast of the South Island the company timberlands had a contractor doing 10,000 hectares at less than 50% the cost of 1080 poison. Not only that but there was 0% native bird kill and 95+% possum and stoat and rat kill. Whereas 1080 was regularly 99+% native bird kill and less than 20% pest kill. That he went over the territory 4 times or 8 times including counting the time doing prebait. In this way the South Island will have only after a few years the very best “bush and high terrain survival” military in the world of at least 50,000 young men at any one time. Who know the country inside out as a part time military force unequalled anywhere else in the world, and in fact more than capable of contracting out to other military groups to train in such bush craft and near alpine survival skills. Who the paedophile agenda will not want to bother with when they decide to collapse the North Island economy at the bequest of their paedophile bankster handlers. And the weapons all over the South Island, mentioned by Gregg Hallett, put there by the Israeli’s will be of little use to them to begin the process of rounding up and killing South Island citizens. Because the South Island will have a much bigger, badder and extremely well trained gang. Evacuation procedures could be taught as part of the military training and developments set in place to house and feed the potential flood of thousands of North Island Kiwi refugees, when they eventually collapse the economy. Of 1080 it is also known that in the 1990’s it was condemned Internationally as an insecticide, due to its longevity in the soil. Whereas pseudoscience by the North Island paedophile ring Government, (that scientists say was not fit for even an undergraduate a level of science, managed to find the reverse. It is also known that poisoning programes cause TB to travel faster and deeper into the areas where the poison was applied. That the TB reason is a total scam also.

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