Jewish Russian Control of Israel? Brendon O’Connell


The Jews control the communist Chinese Party (ie, China), Russia, Trump (the USA), and apparently most western democracies by the use of bribery of pedophiles as MP’s and PM’s.

The end goal is the economic collapse of the Western economies, which has already been achieved really (minimum wages and 70% net tax) –  then political and economic dominance by the so called Red Dragon – controlled by Jews – mostly from Israel, the new high tech capital of the New World Order. With spy devices in all microchips in every modern appliance and car, and kill switches across all of our infrastructure and even our electrical and eftpos networks, in case anyone want’s to get a little Chaves / Nationalist on their ass (Chaves now also wiped off the Google spell checker literary ‘map’)

Brendon O’Connell paints a picture of Putin being the leader in all of this – but look at the photo below, Netanyahu is clearly in charge.


Also below – Putin feigns like a teenage girl. Netanyahu was probably just swallowing small Russian children out the back and grins like a well fed cat. Very Luke Dallow styles.

O’Connell also pays a small tribute to the illuminati trannies. After another few months in high security prison – most people could forgive him that.

This is the global mafia spraying Western skies with toxic chemicals / chemtrails to kill as many as they can. All timed for their takeover.

“And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads.” – the Little Black Masonic Cube and astrological guide to what we dutifully refer to as ‘time’. – Trump ‘mines gold’ in Russia.

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