Roger Douglas Accused of being Another Communist Pedophile – Rogernomics Explained


Featured Image – Roger Dougals – Rogernomics was just more Jewish communism. Straight out of Soviet Russia, but now the Global corporations are the State. Seems bribing pedophiles was the means of establishment, as per usual. 

Good morning Vietnam

Communist pedophiles are not just under the bed. The are in it. In fact, they own your house and are running your Government…and media.

Neo Liberalism. Revisited.

The plan by a small bunch of highly inbred and demonic Jewish Soviet Communists and mobsters to take over the World and run the ‘global’ economy, for their own benefit.

The charge led in New Zealand by Roger Douglas and his neo liberal “Rogernomics”

Fast forward 30 years and Kiwis all pay twice as much tax, all of our assets have been sold, we are in record debt, and we have record homelessness, inequality and third world labour conditions across many industries.

We all got ‘Rogered’.

Neo Liberalism was just a pretty name for neo Jewish Communism as it turned out. Run by pedophiles, for pedophiles. With Jewish owned global corporations as the new State.

Some say as many as 1 and in 8 Kiwis have been killed since these pedophiles moved in – due to Government policy, taxation and Jewish money counterfeiting/ inflation. Also due to the now poisonous food supply. Seems the plan was really to kill as many Kiwis as possible – then replace them with new immigrants.

They sent in their man Putin back in the 80’s – to look for pedophiles to bribe and promote – and they found….Roger Douglas – the ‘economics wiz kid’ ie) communist pedophile.

All that passion he showed in his speeches as he sold the dream – was that just because he was being bribed by the communist Jews for his pedophilia? See quotes below.

Either way – the man should be in a labour camp for his crimes.

I just thought I’d let you know that Sir Roger Douglas is a Convicted Paedophile, as of 1999.

You have him at the bottom of your article. 

Sir Roger Douglas was charged with paedophilia by his stepson.  

Officially Roger Douglas was given a traffic ticket. 

Roger Douglas was knighted in 1990, with his paedophilia in mind. 

He was given a Knight Bachelor, which is the most basic and lowest rank of knighthood.

Your Chief Justice Sian Elias is married to a child sex abuser, Hugh Fletcher.   

Both were involved in the cover-up of the murder of David McNee by Philip Leyton Edwards.

The former Governor-General Silvia Cartwright is married to the paedophile Peter Cartwright. 

Attorney-General and Speaker of the House of Parliament, Margaret Wilson, was a KGB Gang-Bang Prostitute, even with one leg. She was that keen.  

Lowell Goddard was raised by Sian Elias, Silvia Cartwright, and Margaret Wilson – all wives of paedophiles, with Margaret Wilson a one legged prostitute who no one wanted to marry, not even any NZ Herald reporters. 

Greg Hallett

The economic landscape is full of them to this day. That seems to be how you get promoted – if they know they can trust you.

Perhaps it is safe to assume – that if they are on your TV discussing big business – they are a communist pedophile? Most with those titles seem to be at least. And probably a good proportion of the rich listers – that seems to be how they are selected and groomed.

Graeme Hart and Eric Watson are yet to comment. Haven’t heard much from David Seymour either.

Dame Margaret Bazley is one of the highest-ranking New Zealanders.  She was, however, Margaret ‘Lillian’ Bazley, bag lady for the Mr Asia heroin syndicate, transporting drugs and money, and married to James Frederick ‘Steve’ Bazley – jailed for triple murder.

Margaret Bazley also ran Operation DEEP SLEEP for the CIA, killing (physically, mentally, and psychologically) over 2,000 people.  As cover, Margaret Bazley was elevated to ‘Dame’ and then moved through every government department for the CIA ensuring that none of them worked.  This included seducing mental patients and traffic officers for exit or promotion.  To achieve this, Dame Margaret Bazley surrounded her operation with other saboteurs, also controlled through shame.  Those with the most shame were picked up by the CIA and promoted to support the mass murdering, heroin trafficking, money laundering, gang-banging treasonous sabotage of Dame Margaret Bazley.

The CIA’s Dame Margaret Bazley then organised the Auckland SuperCity and its $28 billion asset grab – then invited New Zealand’s worst to take part – all of them CIA.

John Banks qualifed early as a CIA informant, drug trafficker and paedophile, with a particular interest in transvestites, eventually becoming a cross-dressing homosexual Venetian Wall Spider, as well as being the Minister of Police and New Zealand’s equivalent to J. Edgar Hoover.  Second time Mayor of Auckland, John Banks is hoping to become the CIA Super Mayor, as opposed to ‘Super Bum-Bandit’ as he is known within the Police.

Paul Holmes bought his stepdaughter Millie for $850,000, turned her into an anal crackwhore, then married he and his wife’s call girl. Paul has been New Zealand’s leading broadcaster, but is suspected of incest up and down, and is one the country’s biggest drug users, requiring four drug dealers.  Paul is known for supplying his stepdaughter’s anus in exchange for meth for both of them, from such CIA paedophile dealers as Sir Bob Jones, who paid half a million dollars for his knighthood to cover for his paedophilia.

The government and media are so arse about face that the sex slaver & drug addict Paul Holmes is now “the face of P”.  A Jewish Queen, Paul Holmes was trained as the Washington Programmer and has $2 million backing him to become the next Super Mayor of Auckland.

New Zealand is the Pied Piper with cross-dressing Mayors.

Dame Sian Elias is a Sayanim Mossad contract killer married to the very rich bisexual Hugh Fletcher who runs child sex abuse soireés.  Hugh bribed Prime Minister Jenny Shipley (murderer and mother of a convicted accessory to murder) and Helen Clark (KGB agent and gang-bang prostitute) to nominate, and second, Sian Elias as Chief Justice.

Now Hugh Fletcher won’t be charged for his child sex abuse or accessory to murder.  Rather than both of them charged for the murder of Michael King, Hugh Fletcher (CIA & Mossad) was promoted to Chancellor of the University of Auckland – now Murder Inc.

Dame Sian Elias ensures the High Court protects paedophiles and no one is allowed to raise the word ‘paedophile’ in the courts, or apply it to a notable and have their case heard.

The primary requirement of a High Court judge is now to protect paedophiles.

Greg Hallett raised these issues in the High Court on 20 April 2009 and 860 pages of testimony were reduced to 1 with 859 pages triple sealed.  When Justice Stevens was reminded that his boss Sian Elias was a contract killer, he simply replied: “She’s not my boss”.

This story is about the stitch-ups, and how crime and traffic tickets are manufactured fast to silence those who expose them.

New Zealand is a paedophile movement fronting as a country.

Greg Hallett

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