Another Strange ‘New Zealand’ Army Death – Lance Corporal Barney Te Kani


Featured Image – Lance Corporal Barney Te Kani of the so called “New Zealand” Army

Firstly – it is NOT the NZ army. It is just a subsection of the Jewish army, based in New Zealand. A privately owned company, listed on the NZ companies office website, owned by Rothschild/ Jewish bankers, whose purpose it is to support Israel and the Jews in the business of taking over the entire Middle East using terrorism, illegal war, genocide, ethnic cleansing and propaganda. They are an occupying force on New Zealand land – based here in case Kiwis ever decide to round up the war criminal / child abuse ring NZ Government and put them all in labour camps, where they belong.

Rothschild’s Private Sodomy NZ Army Prepares for “Political Unrest” in the South Island

Strange deaths in NZ’s treasonous Rothschild /Jewish army are ongoing and somewhat normal it seems. They are killing people all of the time.

What do you expect from an organization run by the biggest lunatics and war criminals in the entire World ? Death and cover ups.

Below we feature a video of Jewish Israeli snippers shooting and killing US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan – so as to blame the Muslims and keep the Jewish war of terror going. Viewer discretion advised, after the first few minutes at least. This is video of young US soldiers being murdered by Israeli snipers.

The Jews staged the 911 attacks, they run ISIS and the war of terror – and they are into occult sacrifices to boot – anyone actually working for them is out of their minds. Of course there will be deaths. All they do is murder. It is not war – it is Jewish Talmudic murder and sacrifice. They demand blood – Goy blood – Muslim, white or otherwise. Just not Jewish.

Maybe Lance Corporal Barney Te Kani had started mentioning that Israel and the Jews did 911 and the entire war of terror is a Jewish fraud? He would not be the only one in their who knows the truth. Many would.

Or maybe he pointed out that the Jews were making up lies about the NZ army and defaming us?

Either way, you can guarantee it will all be covered up by the Jews who run Rothschild’s army and our media. Simon Dallow and Jewish owned Media Works will be deployed. Luke Dallow will supply the after work drinks. The Jewish holyhoax will get mentioned another 50 times.

Kay Griggs – wife of a senior US army officer – has explained well that these privately owned Jewish/ Rothschild armies are now run by pedophiles, transvestites and otherwise sexually compromised lunatics – as that is the only way they can be controlled with the lies of the fake Jewish war of terror to begin with. Much like our politics, media and banking – they have to promote the biggest lunatics they can find into senior roles, or else people start telling the truth and it would all fall over.

We detail her testimony below. They put pedophiles and homosexual rapists in all of the top positions. One might assume it would be the same situation in NZ.

Just quickly though, when looking for the name of the soldier who had died, we noticed another young NZ Army officer had died in Thailand. Renee Hodgkinson. It should be noted here that when a tourist is murdered in Thailand, the local police almost always cover it up – if they haven’t done it themselves – because it is bad for business all round. People are found dead in hotels and beach side rooms all of the time, even with passports and organs missing, and it is still painted up as a heart attack or alcohol overdose. We also wouldn’t rule out that a couple of Israeli soldiers or just Jews in general convinced her to stay behind. The Jews seem to be trying to murder as many white Goy as they can these days – and a NZ army soldier would be a top target. They are rewarded for it. Just ask Simon Dallow.

Also another solider killed  in a “training” exercise. Sergeant Wayne Taylor. No doubt another cover up, if not another Jewish Talmudic sacrifice.

And another one that popped up – one of ‘Princess’ Harry’s soldier buddies from Afghanistan has died suddenly also – Warrant Officer Nathan Hunt –  which is being painted up as a suicide by the Jewish owned media. Our guess is that he had come out and told people that Harry is marrying a transvestite Jewish man – Meghan Markle / More Kill  – and has now been murdered. They even chose a picture of Princess Harry giving the finger to the camera while he puts his war make up on. Afghanistan has nothing to do with the Jew’s war of terror or their staged 911 attacks. It is opium growing for the Jewish owned pharmaceutical companies and black market heroin trade, as well as a natural gas pipeline into Europe. All of the soldiers there are Rothschild war criminals and murderers. Princess Harry included. You will also notice Princess Harry’s Jewish wrist band in that photo – the younger ones often seem to wear those rainbow type wrist bands on the right hand.

All of the above cases involve untimely, tragic or suspicious deaths, and all of them involve people working for the Jews and their private terrorist armies. And we suspect all of them could involve Jewish occult sacrifice also.

They are MURDERING us. Not least via the food supply, sodium fluoride in the water, 1080, and chemtrails.

People are NOT safe working with or for these Jewish extremists and occultists and lunatics. They are not your friends, in fact they hate you and want to kill you, as clearly laid out in their Talmud.

If you are working as a soldier ie, sold your soul to the Rothschild Jews – you are not safe and your life will be in danger. It is you they want to kill and you have put your hand up. That is why they use depleted uranium shells in the guns they give you, the cause of most of the post traumatic stress suicides – up to 22 per day in the USA. You are the target and their enemy – simply because you are not Jewish – and want to fight. On every overseas tour, the powers that be will hand select one or two Kiwi soldiers for blood sacrifice and media hype – and they will be shot by Israeli snipers or blown up by Mossad IEDs in staged and planned attacks. With the odd murder / blood sacrifice here in NZ also – for good measure.

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3 thoughts on “Another Strange ‘New Zealand’ Army Death – Lance Corporal Barney Te Kani”

    1. mediawhores says:

      you got us man.
      all that time in the changing rooms with the boys.
      camping in the desert.
      being shot at by israeli snipers.
      some sort of homosexual Rothschild commander yelling at you all day.
      all we have is a keyboard and coffee.
      you are right you know.
      still – presumably you are also in the army – and all you have is a keyboard also
      you do know they target your kids while you are at work bro?
      u might want to look into that.

  1. Mike says:

    The Israel issue is quite complex and it is best to totally steer clear of the place as Lorde have very intelligently done. It is pointless still being angry because the creation of Israel required massive damage in world wars 1 and 2 to hundreds of thousands of NZ and Australian families. That is past tense as to its creation, the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Christians in a war they created and the paedophile enabling child rape sex compromising of nearly every political party and council on a global scale.
    STEP ONE: What does bother me however is the very fact that the Zionists, for Israel (that conservative Jews want no part of) to exist, have required that no Christian is allowed to be a citizen of the state of Israel, thereby disenabling the idea of Jesus Christ as the King of Israel (as on Earth so in Heaven) by not allowing his “royal” and not “slaves to Zionists” people to be citizens of the state that Jesus Christ is the legendary and legal king of. Thereby creating this false Israel as a place with which to create the cause of rulership by the exact opposite to the true legendary and rightful King. This deliberate denial of citizenship to Christians is the real reason that the Zionists wanted to create Israel. Simply so as to deny citizenship on Earth of Christians to Israel. So as to in fact be in total contempt of the God of Jesus Christ. While somehow getting lunatic fringe Americans to pay in Christian blood for its creation. Israel as it currently exists is the total and absolute enemy of the Christian religion. For which reason Christians should rightly declare their agreement with the Palestinian claim, providing that side of the claim to Jerusalem allows citizenship to Christians.
    STEP TWO: The most powerful thing the Zionist paedophile religion could do would be to subversively take over the Catholic Church. Because “most truly I say unto you that which you bind on earth you will bind in Heaven”. As the words of the true law spoken by Jesus to Peter as a result of successful resurrection. Which happened. “That which you bind on Earth you bind in Heaven” is the ultimate power dreamed of by the Zionist paedophile occultists, to totally destroy Christianity (to render Christians to not be citizens of Israel on Earth) only available once they have taken over the Catholic Church (presumably via the Jesuits, via Napoleon forcing the Pope to re enable the Jesuits). Hence the vital need to protect the true authority promised by Jesus to the Catholic Church from effective total destruction at the hands of the Zionists/Jesuits. Which has now taken place.
    STEP THREE: The next most powerful thing they could do to destroy Christianity would be replace the true royal bloodline of the “Royal family”, with a paedophile and satanic Zionist bloodline. Which they have done. Setting in place a most deadly trap to destroy Christianity. Until the paedophile bloodline royal family are replaced by the true royal family (see Gregg Hallett) then the Christian right which is to be a “royal family” (as per my people are royal) is totally perverted. It is necessary to look at it as the Zionists look at it. They see everything as pyramidal, so what they do is they replace the top of the pyramid with everything perverse and unclean, so that the “rain” down from the capstone of the pyramid forces everything to be unclean and perverse. As the reign or rain of the perverse and unclean “not true royal family”, “not true Catholic Church”, “not true Israel”. This discussion is not to argue the rights and wrongs of the pyramidal view, other than to explain why the Zionists have done it this way. As far as energy is concerned the human body is argued as being “an electrical light body held by SACRED GEOMETRICAL FORM, held by magnetism, powered by the sun. That is their view and that is how they see the way to take control of the earth and to totally enslave Christians, as per the Jewish belief that when their Messiah comes each of them will have 2800 slaves. Meaning the Zionist have a view to enslave the entire human race so they are not “my people are Royal”. But eternally dammed slaves to Zionists. One of the main keys of which is that they bind as law, “on Earth as in Heaven”, as per the npower given by Jesus Christ to “his Church” the Catholic Church. That in the current Zionist view of Israel, Christians are not citizens of Israel, and that to be citizens of Israel they must renounce Christianity as being a false religion and become Jews. Even though Zionists are not Jews. When Christians are not allowed to be citizens of Israel this has only one meaning, that from the top of the Zionist pyramid the entire human race are to become slaves to the Zionists.

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