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Media Whores has taken down yesterday’s article re youth suicide. With the photo of Ariana.

The petition is below if anyone want’s to sign it. Keep in mind Change.org is another Jewish fraud and they wipe off numbers as they please. Much like our view counter – and the election results.


We are not going to put up photos of 15 year olds, for any reason.

Up to 2 young Kiwis are ending their lives every day. Mostly due to anti depressants. It was worse when they legalized that Jewish lad Matt Bowden’s drugs. Now he seems to be doing it all black market styles. Fully protected.

Our views are clear – there is a bunch of very sick perverts running our government and media. And they want your children. Possibly even as a food supply. They are running tax payer funded ads on TV for homosexuality, while teens commit suicide at record levels.

They are very sick people. The freaks you see on your TV and hear over the airwaves. And the ones in parliament. The sickest people in the Nation and they are being financed and protected.

One big corporate pedophilia club. And they want your children to join.

They are grooming everyone else’s children while the parents are all at work trying to pay 70% net taxes to survive. Sitting ducks. Feeding them climate change bullshit and gay sex advice …and if the teachers don’t like it, they are out of work also.

As far as we can tell – sitting at the very top of all of this is some kind of homosexual Islamic Jewish transvestite sex goat God, with quite a bad attitude. Odd as it sounds. Possibly in the Federal Reserve basement. If not the Google headquarters. Who wants the entire World to bow down to it, and offer up their kids, via Facebook, initially. Facebook is the initiation.


It is also highly doubtful that the NZ judiciary has any interest at all in perhaps helping to try and resolve this issue.

Chief Justice Sian Elias
Chief Justice Sian Elias

Nor political poling companies…or media.



Simon and Luke Dallow

Another Media Works 666 freak

Guy Williams …….. in 2005 he travelled to Gallipoli with Prime Minister Helen Clark after winning a student essay competition. Came back like that. 


The black cube in the U.N basement. 

It has been illegal to pay taxes in New Zealand since 2011 when they past the anti terrorism laws folks. It is illegal to finance terrorists. When they went into Afghanistan – it became illegal to fund the Government.

They should really have added in a clause making it illegal to fund pedophiles as well.

Kiwis should be encouraged to operate under common law – for now at least – until all of this is resolved. Private contracts, and tax free. Look after your own families and communities instead. It is illegal to fund terrorists and pedophiles. Not to mention immoral. Satanic could well be the word.

Pull your children out of any school that pushes climate change bullshit, or homosexual life style choices. Homosexuals are far more likely to suffer health issues and die many years younger on average. That is not ‘education’ folks – thats a dangerous cult. Do not leave your children with these people – that includes their various media outlets. iPhones included.

Refuse the vaccines. Mercury. It takes 20-30 years to set in. The food additives only take 5. Get your diet right and you won’t need the doctors.

If computers and the internet are all part of this same agenda – then man we got serious problems.

Google 666

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