Accusations Dame Lowell Goddard was Raised by Pedophiles


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One article often leads on to the next…..

We wanted to highlight those accusations from NZ author Greg Hallett in this post.

Lowell Goddard was raised by Sian Elias, Silvia Cartwright, and Margaret Wilson – all wives of paedophiles, with Margaret Wilson a one legged prostitute who no one wanted to marry, not even any NZ Herald reporters. “ – Greg Hallett 

Not even any Herald reporters? Now that really is the pits.

1000’s of children were raped and hundreds alleged to have been murdered by the inbred ‘elite’ Lords and MP’s of Westminster in recent decades.

Their pain and suffering is laid bare in the Jimmy Savile video below. Not to mention the pain and suffering of their families and loved ones.

And now we hear that the New Zealand judge put in charge of the official investigation – Judge Lowell Goddard – was herself raised by pedophiles – or at least – women all married to pedophiles.

In fact we suspect that Dame Lowell Goddard is another of these ‘elite’ transvestite men. ‘She’/ he has that look about her/him. This tribe seem to do that to their children. The more wealthy ones at least. Swap their genders from a  young age. Very odd. And suggests a level of self disdain.

One can only imagine what sort of upbringing he/she had, within this inbred cult that pose as our leadership and justice system.

A few more allegations of corruption by Goddard….running ‘independent’ police inquiries in NZ. God help us.

Justice Goddard is a long-serving High Court judge with a deftly orchestrated public image and past Chair of the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA).  In early 2015 she took leave for a temporary assignment overseeing an inquiry into historic child sexual abuses in the United Kingdom.

The official line is Lowell Goddard oversaw significant change at the IPCA, as the Authority publicly portrayed itself as a transparent investigative and reviewing agency of serious complaints against the Police.   The reality is different.  Justice Goddard held up and concealed a number of serious complaints against police as IPCA judicial chairperson.  Many have never been made public.

An infamous example of a less serious complaint Goddard obfuscated before being forced to make public is police prevention of a peaceful human rights protest against a 1999 trip to New Zealand by the Chinese President.  Goddard’s report eventually agreed with the Internal Affairs finding that the police action was unjustified, yet her report was not issued until eight years later. – Kiwis First 

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