Did Auckland Airport Customs Manager Peter Lewis Steal 400 grams of Cocaine from a Trafficker?


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Hard drugs….and pedophilia.

Two things that always go hand in hand with the ‘elites’. Not sure why. Drugs and sex presumably, but those on the hard drugs are always trying to lure young girls and boys into their domain – and the worse they get, the younger their victims become. The higher up the drug trafficking chain you go, the more pedophilia you will find. Eventually it becomes just about money and power, and that is when the same drug traffickers get into the trafficking of children for the same elites that have been protecting them. Once they have shown they can be trusted.

The so called war on drugs is all about profit and control for the ‘elites’ and their distant inbred cousins in government – and their relentless pedophilia.

According to Brendon O’Connell who was arrested at Auckland Airport in October and thrown in jail, he met this man who was arrested at Auckland Airport also and has claimed that customs officials stole 400 grams out of the cocaine haul – for themselves.

Doesn’t seem like Auckland Airport customs manager Peter Lewis has mentioned this in his statement given to the media.

So the question then obviously becomes – is he the man that stole it? Or does he control the man or woman that stole it? Is he protecting them? Or at worst, could Peter Lewis actually be running a drug business on the side of his day job at Auckland Airport?

Can’t be ruled out we guess. He appears to be complicit in the crime and ‘official’ tax payer funded cover up to say the least.

One thing is for sure – New Zealand currently has a lawless system of Government, run by pedophiles, drug addicts and drug traffickers, most of whom are being bribed by the Israeli and Russian Jewish Freemason mob.

The cocaine was probably bound for Wellington anyway, if not the mainstream media, so doubt Jacinda Ardern and the team will say much about this case either…..nor will the NZ police be ‘allowed’ to investigate these claims.

“Peter Lewis, Customs manager for passenger operations at Auckland Airport, said Customs would be focusing on drug couriers as visitor numbers increased over summer.

“This [latest] seizure is the result of thorough work by our frontline officers as well as those working behind the scenes to identify risk-travellers,” he said.”

“It is not uncommon to find drug couriers trying to sneak through as legitimate travellers, but our officers are well-trained and equipped to identify them.” – Stuff

O’Connell’s statement included below.

Can one safety assume the criminals running NZ customs are doing this little scam all the time? Bet they all have personal expenditure way above their pay grade. Flash cars and greasy hair and the likes. And young girlfriends.

Is it any surprise the powers that be just can’t seem to quite get on top of the meth problem in NZ? The powers that be are the ones running it. Not least at the actual borders. And they want your children hooked – so they can have sex with them too.

Note the media have colluded now with the ‘powers that be’ to change the amount back to 3kg – the man claims he was initially charged for 2.6kg, but arrived with 3kg.


Nov 9, 2017

Please contact N.Z. government officials to let them know what is going on. If they saw this jail in action, they would have a heart attack. I even experienced corruption in the airport border control where staff stole 400 grams of 90% pure cocaine out of a 3 kg shipment hidden in luggage of a Portuguese national (Brazil.)

I was in a cell with him & he as laughing that 3 kg had become 2.6 Kg. So that was my “Welcome to N.Z.” moment. Truly, you can make this shit up. This was October 13th, a Friday. – source , HenryMakow.com

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