Kelvin Davis and the Northland Masonic Pedophile Rings


Featured Image – creepy Kelvin Davis and Jason Derella – both are “desperate” to work with children. 


This should square off the past few day’s headlines nicely.

We have mentioned this before, but wanted to give it it’s own headline for search and reference.

Kelvin Davis MP and the Northland Masonic pedophile rings:

Are children in the north being ‘suicided’ to help cover up the true extent of the scandal, and to perhaps protect someone who is on the ‘elites’ fast track?

And why is a man who was supposed to be a community leader in the very same place that some of NZ’s worst ever pedophiles were operating – but apparently never noticed or did anything – now been promoted into the position of deputy leader of NZ and head of corrections? For Christ’s sake. Pure Rothschild / corporate madness.

The sooner the wheels fall off this ‘elite’ charade of fake and rigged elections and fake corporate leaders – the better.

The MP’s are all whack job pedophiles being bribed by the Israeli State – Brendon O’Connell

They are all sexually bent in some way….the entire system works on shame – Greg Hallett

Fuck this shit – Media Whores.

Kelvin Davis’s press secretary Rebecca Tane is yet to issue comment – although her brother is still helping to run another Northland school….Devils horns – indeed.


The Mass Suiciding of Kiwi Children in the Far North – by the Masons…..

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