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OK – so it is clear that the World is currently run by a small bunch of highly inbred and rather insane greedy ‘elites’ who seem to refer to themselves as “Jews”…and seem to share a perverted taste for ‘the blood’ of young children, while they collude together to try and mass murder as many “Goy” as they possibly can, mostly via the food supply, but also via money counterfeiting (inflation), poisoning our wells (sodium fluoride) and now even spraying the skies with more poisons (chemtrails). They are in short a bunch of inbred mass murdering lunatics.

At the top of this pyramid is a small bunch of highly inbred and related Talmudic Jews and underneath them a small army of sick degenerate Goyim soldiers, most of whom are being bribed for their pedophilia and drug addictions and most of whom we see on our TV’s and the Rich List.

Hardly ideal.

It is also hardly ideal that Kiwis have spent the last 5-10 years sitting around on the internet complaining about it.

Admittedly there has been the odd outstanding display of unity and protest, such as the 130,000 odd folk who showed up at the TTPA protests two years ago (painted up by the pedophiles in the Jewish owned media as 2-3 thousand) – but apart from that we have all collectively wasted our time yelling and screaming on the internet while this demonic gang have destroyed our standard of living with their racist apartheid corporate fascism, pedophilia and drug trafficking.

The TTPA protesters should have really torn down the Sky City demonic Jewish phallic while they had the chance. It is a monument to their pedophilia after all.

Facebook was set up by the Jews and is run by the Jew Mark Zuckerberg (they make up these names, think suckers and icebergs) as a means of channeling everyone’s anger in a way that they can monitor and control – and switch off when needed. Yet Kiwis are pouring most of their efforts into Facebook still.

What needs to be done in New Zealand now is the same solution that human beings have turned to throughout history and that is form a common law republic. This has always been the best way to try and escape the rampant theft and relentless pedophilia of the Jews.

Obviously John Key gave the idea  a bad name – not least due to his own pedophilia and the fact they he was also one of these ‘rich lister’ inbred Jews himself – but that does not discredit the idea itself.

NZ needs a website dedicated to running the Nation, with direct referendums and democracy, which will allow us to fire all of the sick demented pedophiles and drug addicts that work in Wellington and in the  Councils, wipe all of their ridiculous taxes and red tape – and allow Kiwis to live peaceful and content lives again.

One website where all of this energy can go and decisions can be made.

Now admittedly, the Jews run the Internet and have pretty much set it up with this purpose in mind – so they can hack and manipulate things – mostly from Israel – the world wide capital for pedophiles, thieves  and war criminals – for the next 2000 year block of history under the sign of Aquarius. They hinted at this future in the Jew movie series “Hunger Games” – but it is our best shot anyway.

The likes of Kim Dotcom can be employed to help keep the new ‘government’ secure – if his residency application review passes the vote under the new Republic that is. Sorry Peter Thiel, you are headed back to Transylvania or wherever the fuck you came from …and can take James Cameron and the others with you. Eric Watson and Graeme Hart might be convinced to charter the Lolita Express and all of the fake left/right Jewish bloggers will fit in the luggage department…after it has been searched for small Kiwi kids.

All of the Chinese Communist Party retirees will need to be reviewed also, along with their children.

Mike Bayley and the other rich lister corporate thieves and snakes who have families and residency will be offered amnesty on the condition that their wealth is redistributed, and they spend a few years in an organic labour camp – just to show they are sincere.

All Sirs, Dames, Mayors, Judges, lawyers and MP’s of the past 30 years will be investigated for pedophilia and drug trafficking. Yes Tim Shadbolt – you included.

Then drugs will be decriminalized anyway and treated as a health issue.

Fonterra dairy farmers will be put on notice – this is not a Gaza for cows – your role is to produce food for Kiwis first and foremost. Clean food. This is what NZ land is for you greedy demented fucks. Any surpluses once Kiwis are fed can be put up for international trade and exchange. The Fonterra CEO will be chucked in an organic labour camp, pending extradition back to Poland or where ever the hell he crawled out of.

Nick Smith and Nathan Guy will be arrested on the spot and investigations reopened into all of the missing Nelson teenagers.

……A website dedicated to running the Nation, a new republic, with United Tribes (Maori, Settlers and new arrivals included) where people can channel all of their on line efforts and actually contribute, instead of just making Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow inbred Jews and pedophiles rich, all over again.

Media Whores for one would be far better off to put our efforts into something like that – instead of hacking away furiously for 2-3 hours each day, calling out all of the Masonic Jewish pedophiles and snakes.

We are just repeating ourselves – it is the same themes in the news over and over – Masonic theft, Masonic fraud, Masonic drug trafficking and Masonic pedophilia scandals, followed by Masonic cover ups (referred to as ‘Inquiries’)…. then the sport and weather.

No actual progress will be made until we all decide to move on and start a new system, run by ourselves, and are able to round up the existing pedophile ring / Talmudic judiciary, lawyers and their puppet MP’s and hold them to account.

Most of them will take off back to their new terrorist homeland anyway as that has long been the plan – milk the host Nations for all they can – like parasites – and rape as many kids as they can, before escaping back to their new hole in the ground, to count their gold and document their pedophilia stories and images.

A dedicated website to a new Republic – of United people/ tribes – would be the best way to hurry up the process.

We can worry about their offshore hacking of the new system later.

The biggest problem in NZ right now – as far as we can tell – is really the Jewish Talmudic / Masonic pedophilia – and that needs to be fixed asap.

Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils — no, nor the human race, as I believe. – PLATO, The Republic

PS: if you try to buy a copy of any of these old classics from one of the new age lesbian book stores in our new age Super Cities, they do not stock them – they consider it blasphemy – and if you can find a copy it will be seriously watered down and edited by the Jewish publishing companies, with added bits of homosexuality and child ‘love’ for good measure. 

AUTHOR: Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
QUOTATION: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”
“A Republic, if you can keep it.”
Media Whores – ‘cos here come the Jews & their money lending

We have the next 12,000+ years, until we ‘fall’ again….so let’s get on with it…..

PPS: if you are concerned that this plea has somewhat ‘racist’ overtones, please be assured that this is only the result of suffering at the hands of Jewish supremacy and racism over the past decades and that the new Republic will seek to unify, once this inherent tribal racism and nepotism that we currently suffer under, has been removed. 

PPPS: they are not “Athenians” – Hollywood is owned by Jews and this movie was produced to help sell the Jewish war of terror. 

Most of this could be achieved within 7 days, with the right focus of our energy. And not the sort of 7 days these demented corporate parasites are into.

7 Days of Sodomy & Pedophilia – MediaWorks & the Child Abuse Agenda

Lawful Disclaimer – we have seen no direct evidence that all Jews are Masons, pedophiles, snakes and/or Talmud worshipers. Nor otherwise. 

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8 thoughts on “The New Zealand Republic”

  1. Reply
    Lee says:

    The Israel issue is quite complex and it is best to totally steer clear of the place as the singer Lorde and advisers have very intelligently done. Washington has long been classed as the paedophile capital of the world, so any reports by the Washington Post is simply one group of paedophiles talking to another group of paedophiles in order to maintain a paedophile agenda. It is pointless still being angry because the creation of Israel required massive damage in World Wars 1 and 2 to hundreds of thousands of NZ and Australian families. That is past tense as to Israels paedophile agenda creation, the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of NZ and Australian Christians in a war they created and the paedophile enabling child rape sex compromising of every political party and council and city council on a global scale.
    STEP ONE: What does bother me however is the very fact that the Zionists, for Israel to exist (that conservative Jews want no part of), have required as law that no Christian is allowed to be a citizen of the state of Israel. Very, very nasty. In fact “pure evil”.
    Thereby disenabling the idea of Jesus Christ as the King of Israel. (as on Earth so in Heaven). Simply by not allowing his “royal” and not “slaves to Zionists” people to be citizens of the Israeli State that Jesus Christ is the legendary and legal king of. How can there be a legal King if there are no citizens. It is that simple.
    Thereby creating this false Israel as a place with which to create the cause of rulership by the exact opposite to the true legendary and rightful King. This deliberate denial of citizenship to Christians in Israel is the real reason that the Zionists wanted to create Israel.
    Simply so as to deny citizenship on Earth of Christians to Israel. On Earth and in Heaven (which required the keys given to Peter by Jesus Christ). So as to in fact be in total contempt of the God of Jesus Christ. As the great dream of the Synagogue of Satan becoming real.
    While somehow getting lunatic fringe Americans to pay in Christian blood for its creation.
    Israel as it currently exists “in law” (that which you bind on Earth you bind in Heaven) (it is not the gun but the man holding the gun that is the problem) is the total and absolute enemy of the Christian religion. For which reason Christians could and should rightly declare their agreement with the Palestinian claim, providing that the Palestinian side of the claim to Jerusalem and to Israel allows citizenship to Christians. Whichever side grants citizenship in perpetuity to Christianity is the side that is lawful.
    STEP TWO: The most powerful thing the Zionist paedophile religion could do would be to subversively take over the Catholic Church. Because the keys of Peter are “most truly I say unto you that which you bind on earth you will bind in Heaven”. As the words of the law spoken by Jesus to Peter as a result of his expected successful resurrection.
    Which is exactly what happened. “That which you bind on Earth you bind in Heaven” is the ultimate power dreamed of by the Zionist paedophile occultists, as the dreamed of power to totally destroy Christianity (to render Christians to not be citizens of Israel on Earth). Only available once they have taken over the Catholic Church (presumably via the Jesuits, via Napoleon forcing the Pope to re enable the Jesuits).
    Hence the vital need to protect the true authority promised by Jesus to the Catholic Church from effective total destruction at the hands of the Zionists/Jesuits. Which has now taken place. This infestation of the Catholic Church by paedophile Satanists disguised as the “soldiers of Christ”, is the primary aim of paedophile child mass murder Satanism. Also known as the synagogue of Satan. ONLY the synagogue of Satan would require that Christians are not allowed to be citizens of Israel. That to become citizens of Israel they must renounce their Christ connections. ONLY the synagogue of Satan could ever require this.
    STEP THREE: The next most powerful thing they could do to destroy Christianity would be replace the true royal bloodline of the “Royal family”, with a paedophile and satanic Zionist bloodline. Which they have done. Setting in place a most deadly trap to destroy Christianity. Until the UK paedophile bloodline royal family are replaced by the true royal family (see Gregg Hallett) then the Christian right which is to be a “royal family” (as per my people are royal) is totally perverted. It is necessary to look at it as the Zionists look at it. They see everything as sacred geometry pyramidal, so what they do is they replace the top of the pyramid with everything perverse and unclean, so that the “rain” down from the capstone of the pyramid forces everything to be unclean and perverse. As the reign or rain of the perverse and unclean “not true royal family”, “not true Catholic Church”, “not true Israel”.
    This discussion is not to argue the rights and wrongs of the pyramidal view, other than to explain why the Zionists have done it this way. As far as energy is concerned the human body is in one view argued as being “an electrical light body held by SACRED GEOMETRICAL FORM, held by magnetism, powered by the sun”. That is their view and that is how they see the way to take control of the earth and to totally enslave Christians, as per the Jewish belief via the Talmud that when their Messiah comes each of them will have 2800 slaves. Meaning the Zionist have a view to enslave the entire human race so they are not “my people are Royal”. But eternally dammed slaves to Zionists. To do this the Zionists must totally destroy the Christian fabric of USA society and destroy the USA economy if it can.
    One of the main keys of which is that they bind as law, “on Earth as in Heaven”, as per the power given by Jesus Christ to “his Church” the Catholic Church. That on Earth, “Christians are not able to be citizens of Israel”, so as to totally disenable Jesus Christ as the lawful and legitimate King of Israel. Paid for by USA blood and organised by USA Christians.
    So as to bind on Earth, that which is to be bound in Heaven. That Jesus Christ is not the King of Israel, neither on Earth nor in Heaven. AS THE AIM OF THE ZIONISTS when taking control of the Catholic Church and setting in place a paedophile ring as the “Royal family”. So as to download into society that the “royal family is a paedophile ring”. So as to enable a Satanic takeover as per the “synagogue of Satan”.
    That in the current Zionist view of Israel, Christians are not citizens of Israel, and that to be citizens of Israel they must renounce Christianity as being a false religion and become Jews. Even though Zionists are not Jews. When Christians are not allowed to be citizens of Israel this has only one meaning, that from the top of the Zionist pyramid the entire human race are to become slaves to the Zionists. Set in place by USA Christians and paid for by USA soldiers blood. Beam me up Scotty it’s a lunatic fringe disguised as USA Christianity.

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    Mike says:

    Just a minor knowledge update that may be of value from NZ.
    There are several levels of stuff intermittently and occasionally disorganised stuff forwarded to you that may help consolidate and improve in some instances focus. Focus requires a clear target. In hunting terminology a clear target comes into view providing one has managed to track down the target. Tracking down the target requires knowing where it feeds and sleeps and enjoys itself etc. The old shamans used to lose their consciousness into the target so as to be able to track down the target, thereby provide food or die. So there are levels of hunting skills that border on supernatural hunting abilities.
    It has previously been explained that an NZer back in the Late 1990’s experienced the words “it is done” as a massive power suddenly coming down upon him. Resigning himself to guaranteed “tortured” death once these words suddenly came through him. These being the final words attributed to Jesus Christ on the cross before death and resurrection. That therefore these words were not spoken by Jesus Christ, but by God through Jesus Christ, indicating satisfaction with the job done by God.
    This is important because it indicates that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was the will of God, therefore the last words spoken were the words of God. Not Jesus Christ. That these words spoken are probably the highest initiation level available to the Christian warrior spirit experience to access the next stages of “I am the way the truth and the life”.
    Therefore the opposition of Islam and Judaism to Jesus Christ is opposition to the word of God. Opposition to the will of God. Proven without a doubt.
    This is very important when dealing with psychological warfare and breaking down the grip over the mind of these “God opposition” religions. In order to create an unacceptable social environment for such Godless and antichrist viewpoints proper understanding is a more powerful weapon than any amount of military might. Proper understanding what creates an unacceptable social environment and therefore protects the society from such perverse religious elements.
    THE NEXT point that has not been mentioned previously is the work of the Australian researcher Santos Bonacci. He is a bit eccentric of not a bit of a flawed odd ball, as are many who spend too much time in research only, but this does not negate from the value of his research. His claim is that the Bible is in fact a BIOCHEMICAL TEXTBOOK that shows the path to physical immortality. That this stuff was secretly hidden within the Bible from the Satanists and that he rediscovered it. The Satanists claim to achieve “immortality” to their adherents and now the Bible is able to claim the same power. No doubt getting rid of this knowledge was deliberate. So as to falsely empower the paedophile religion. Once again this is psychological warfare and creating an unacceptable social environment.
    There is quite a lot more stuff regarding the paedophile agenda to powerfully download into the fabric of social reality and this is just a quick catchup.
    It was previously brought to your attention that there was also an economic or business system that had been discovered by the same NZ researcher. That the initial stages of this business system were developed after personal intercession by Jesus Christ as far back as 1986. Which have been kept secret. That in fact keeping such business systems secret are just as important, if not more so, than keeping the most vital military secrets secret. In fact good quality business and marketing systems, if properly understood, are in fact the most important military or social protection secrets.
    Business systems are business systems and it is irrelevant of age because it is simply about the manufacture and spread of money through he social medium, so as to empower the society and stabilise the society. From a view of the perfection of generosity, that is truth (Christ based) based and not based on lies and deception (satanic based). There seems to be some bizarre idea within the Communist vision that the perfection of generosity, as a power of human growth and prosperity is a paedophile agenda based on the use of absolute lies and fraud and deception. Unfortunately the term “I am the truth” totally disagrees with that, and included business systems. Unfortunately “except ye come as a child ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven (financial prosperity also as it is a multidimensional capstone)”, does not include the paedophile religion of the Satanists.
    So it has been said that there is a business system and a marketing system available, via the intercession of Jesus Christ in 1986, plus much more later developments, that will allow the USA economy to use the Chinese economy as a tool and not vice versa. What is being discussed is a massive level of market penetration like a shotgun aimed at a sitting duck. Europe is similarly accessible but not to the same degree as the Chinese. There is nothing they can do about it. But used properly it is as a win – win situation. So as to do a complete paedophile ring takedown in that idea realm. TO UNDERSTAND THIS and since its mechanisms are very secret still and will remain so, only a few hints can be given. The first hint is this, what is the fundamental psychological and mythological weakness within the Chinese social spectrum and how is it exploited successfully so as to gather substantially more business power within that social spectrum. What is the weakness? It is right in front of your face and it is so close that you cannot and will not see it, until it is pointed out to you.
    Next it needs to be understood that there are zillions of business systems and zillions of marketing systems. That all these systems are like water in a bucket and can intermingle in zillions of endless variations to create massive market penetration systems that empower both financial and psychological reality. That also the spirit of people goes with the money. But fundamental before even that is something else. Once that is understood then there are zillions of ways of intermingling the various possibilities so as to create the most favourable result like an increasing quantum magnetic pulse, that as it goes deeper and deeper into itself, becomes more and more financially and psychologically powerful, as the ultimate weapon.

  3. Reply
    Rudolph says:

    Yes we are a long way away, thats because its never going to happen. The robots are coming and you will live how they tell you. If you want to live an alternative life style id suggest learning something like Linux or C+ or the like.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      erm. thanks.
      you mean that robot army dog that keeps falling over logs?
      i will invest in some screw drivers also – for security
      (this is the guy with the keys to the comments section. and no doubt the views. probably a full time job. )

  4. Reply
    Love Your Blog says:

    Great article again. Keep up the good work. Your blog does a great job of reaching a wider demographic and your content reflects facts in a blunt way. I have always said we need to try and move in the direction of Iceland. We need our politicians to be tried for treason and held accountable (by their phoney laws) for their actions. We need a peaceful, non-compliant revolution that won’t be infiltrated by our Zionist puppetmasters – but sadly most people are afraid of losing their jobs, going hungry or not being able to pay their next bill. We need to develop a strong sense of self-awareness where we have an interim system that will eventually lead us to become sovereign citizens who are self-governing, accountable for oneself (as well as for our communities collectively) and we need to be governed only by natural laws and our internal moral conscience. This is a big step and most people aren’t ready for it sadly, but hopefully, we will have a global economic collapse or some sort of natural disaster that will push people to take action and to try to at least rebuild their society on the foundations of service to others, living in harmony with nature, living simply, being content with having less and altruism. I do notice the rise in consciousness in people wherever I go in New Zealand, but we are still a long way away.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      Good words 🙂
      Even the birds know how to work together for their survival
      Surely we can figure it out.

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