Flat Earth – Who is Telling the Truth?


Go stand on any beach front or coast line in New Zealand and if you can see any other part of that same coastline more than 50 odd miles away – that debunks the ball/ curved earth

Curvature is said to be 8 inches x (miles squared) so for every 50 miles there should be around 500 meters of curvature.

ie)  you should not be able to see the opposite side of Lake Taupo or Lake Wakitipu.

And those fishing and cargo boats you can see 50 miles off shore? No way.

The biggest of the Masonic lies – is the ball Earth.

We have been raised under complete mind control – by people who specialise in abusing kids.

Admittedly it makes no difference to day to day life but it does help people realize the magnitude of the fraud of this existing system. Our entire education system for one. And Government and entire mainstream media apparatus – all ball-shit from start to finish.

Flat Earth is your guide for trying to figure out who is telling truth, and who is counterintelligence, or just not too smart….

The Lake Taupo Earth Curvature Test

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3 thoughts on “Flat Earth – Who is Telling the Truth?”

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      mediawhores says:

      it is childs play mate
      common sense
      the earth is flat
      this is one of the biggest cons of the jews, right behind the “zionist” con.
      they dont want flat earth out there, bcos then the jews are fully exposed.
      not the “zionist” bs.
      that idiot you just linked to needs to watch santos bonacci, and you do too.
      he will eplain the moon and the rest to you both.

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    Am not Crazed Trump posting comments while white house not looking says:

    Interesting and remains a mystery.

    In this article this guy is preparing to launch his home-made rocket to prove the earth is flat
    ‘There’s no difference between science and science fiction’ says limo driver Mike Hughes”.

    Mike Hughes, a 61-year old limo driver from Apple Valley, California, is planning to launch his home-made rocket 1,800 feet high over the Mojave Desert on Saturday, in a bid to prove the earth is flat.

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