List of Leading Kiwis Murdered by the Shadow Government


Featured Image – Jim Anderton. Pictured with some elite trannies. Don’t know much about the guy really – have heard mixed reports. We do know his daughter committed suicide some years back, but that could have been pay back for all we know. Unsure if he was murdered, but his health failed quickly in recent months and years. They had invited him to receive an ‘honor’ recently, and that is how they murdered Allan Hubbard – invited him to receive an award then had a Freemason run into him and his wife on the road – who was later let off – of course. That video below.  Anderton was also living at a retirement home, so they can easily place a Sayanim assassin in the building. Our guess is the guy was about as clean as most of these politicians, but was certainly a leader, and certainly died pretty quick after the Masonic ritual pictured. Note also it was the “Anglican Synod” that has voted to keep the ChCh cathedral – synod being a Hebrew reference to Sin and Synagogues – they run all of the religions..and want all crosses taken down for this new age. 

List of some top New Zealanders who were assassinated by the shadow government / inbred ‘elites’.

If you are a natural leader, but not related to the ruling inbred pedophile freaks and will not go along with their corporate one World government agenda – they send in the Sayanim assassins.

The SIS is now a counter-intelligence organisation that ‘poisons’ highly productive citizens and covers for a government, judiciary and media that is now an occult mafia. The SIS is very closely related to the Diplomatic Corp, which has become better known as the Sodomy Olympics. – NZ a Black Mailer’s Guide

There will be many more, the ruling freaks do this at the local and community level also, using a wide variety of tools, from the vaccines, to setting up fake crime scenes and framing people, to poisons on car staring wheels, a plutonium pill under your car seat cover, rigged breaks, a Sayanim at work or in their personal life who is slowing poisoning them via their coffee or lunches, or placing a Sayanim at the local coffee franchise who is slipping you low dose arsenic via your daily coffee.

If you have a business they want to own or control, or a following of people for a cause that they deem dangerous, or even just a wife of children they want to sexually abuse – your name will be in their list.

There have been many leaders at the local community level who have died in strange accidents, from fishing to car accidents.

Just don’t question the Jewish holocaust please – that would be hurtful.

Readers may be able to add some more via the comments section – but we think the comments are blocked most of the time, much like our view counter – and the elections – hacked.

Norman Kirk

CIA accused of killing NZ PM
by Christopher Dore
The Australian - September 1, 1999 p5

The CIA not only helped to remove Gough Whitlam from office but was
behind the sudden death of former New Zealand Prime Minister Norman Kirk,
New Zealand Labour Party President Bob Harvey claimed yesterday.

Mr Harvey said Prime Minister Jenny Shipley should, at the APEC summit
next week, confront US President Bill Clinton over the 1974 death in
office of Kirk and demand secret CIA files be opened.

He said the US was motivated to poison Kirk, who died of a heart attack
25 years ago yesterday, because of his anti-nuclear stance and his
determination to bypass Washington to deal directly with Arab countries
during the international oil crisis.

"I thought that was courageous, brave and probably fatal if someone told
Washington those things in those days," Mr Harvey said.

"Gradually and slowly, something was probably administered along the way."

- source

Michael King

Historian Michael King and his handicapped wife were brutally murdered by former Prime Minister Helen Clark and Israeli Mossad agents- Greg Hallett

Rod Donald – from the original Green Party – before the Sayanim communists moved in

2 Degrees boss Eric Hertz – just wouldn’t cooperate with all the spying perhaps.

Michael Erceg – Independent Liquor – unsure why, but 1.2 billion up for grabs. Perhaps he wouldn’t add the aborted baby fetuses to his RTD’s? They are most likely in there now.

Allan Hubbard – South Island business man. Again, a billion or so up for grabs. Even business journalist Bernard Hickey was allegedly part of this one – no doubt also part of the tribe.

Re Open the Investigation into Alan Hubbard’s Death (or Murder)


3 years ago ·  Public ·

The interview below documents evidence all on record via NZ media and Government records that implicate John Key, Bill English, Bernard Hickey, Westpac Bank and even the Serious Fraud Office and many others in the fraudulent accusations and then take down and asset seizure of Alan Hubbard’s assets as well as South Canterbury Finance. The evidence presented here should be sourced and used to re-investigate the suspicious death of Alan Hubbard and the alleged theft of his (and his investors) assets by this corrupt Government under John key and his foreign bank handlers


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    Mike says:

    That business stuff just sent is in relation to other material regarding setting up a new Government in the South Island so as to protect the NZ native birds (our Whakapapa) from the paedophile satanists. And to also protect NZers finances etc. The included stuff indicates there is much much more in the money realm available for South Island independence.

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