The Media Whores Biggest Stalker Award – Steve Wall


Featured Image – Steven / Steve Wall of South Auckland

Please be assured that we would not usually bother doing this, but this guy has been questioning what we say via the comments section for some time – taking the piss – harassment really – and given the nature of the allegations we have been documenting , we think this is very suspect and dodgy. Took hours to get the info from the raw visitor data and not something we could usually be bothered with.

Please note that we in no way wish to imply or suggest that this guy is another Illuminati tranny.  It would be a very convincing job on the facial hair if so. He does seem to be quite upset with us for some reason though.

There are some very serious allegations we have covered, so why is this clown sitting there trying to discredit us with his comments?

We have better things to do than sit there reading comments designed to agitate. So calling it out.

There are over 1 billion websites out there – so if you don’t like this, find something you do enjoy.

Couldn’t find any suitable video links on stalkers of bloggers, but we try to include videos with each – so here are some more Illuminati Tranny ones instead – for your enjoyment – in no way necessarily related…..Media Whores in no way wishes to imply that Steven Wall is one of these Illuminati transgender goats. 


‘Ed’ She-Erin – new album out soon. 

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3 thoughts on “The Media Whores Biggest Stalker Award – Steve Wall”

  1. Reply
    sift666 says:

    Your meet the whores link doesn’t work – so I have to ask – are you really vegan christian flat earthers with an obsession with trannies, or is jacob rotchild paying you?

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      1) I eat fish. And cheese
      2) Gnostic – not Christian
      3) ok you got us
      4) well where the fk is the cheque!!??

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