Degenerate Banking Mafia Updates – with Rob De Zeeuw of AIG


Featured Image – Rob De Zeeuw presents his rugged “I am not just a banker” look for Facebook – employed by AIG who were bailed out by tax payers to the tune of $85 billion and the only reason they are still in business. ie) little more than a bunch of dole bludging welfare whores and professional thieves , playing dress up. Looks a little effeminate this picture also aye? Might be worth a full transvestigation one day perhaps. 


As Media Whores ponders our approach for the new year and 2018, we thought it might be a good idea to start including a few ‘industry insiders’ to help us in our quest to expose the low life corporate whores and their ongoing thievery and corruption.

This guy Rob De Zeeuw has been suggested to us this morning by people we work with as being a potential candidate to use as the face of the new age liberal banking industry. You know those inbred bastards we all bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billions after the ‘Jews’ staged their ‘Global Financial Crisis’ in 2008 for their “Shmita” ritual/ holy day (see videos below).

Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel – the Second Book of Babylon / Samuel 15:3

Shmita – making ‘sacrifices’ for a bigger harvest. Sacrificing Goy and their retirement savings presumably. Then start buying back all of the assets at cents on the dollar. Like our power companies and farmland. 

Media Whores met a girl in Auckland once who worked at AIG in the City and had been drugged and raped by a couple of her AIG coworkers at a work function after party. She tried reporting it to management after a few days off work and was told to bugger off essentially. She fell into a depression and eventually lost her job. Nothing to do with Rob De Zeeuw to the best of our knowledge, but possibly a suitable reflection on the industry as a whole. We would publish the names if we knew them. We digress……

The plan to take over the entire World and turn everyone into corporate slaves got off to a roaring start after the Jews staged 911 (or fake Jews if you prefer), but by 2007 most semi conscious human beings had figured out that Israel and the Jews staged the 911 attacks and that we had all been deceived into supporting their war of terror, mass child murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide across the Middle East – and so the Jews needed something else – something new – another form of mass terrorism to scare the West back into line – thus the staged GFC. They simply started removing billions of cash from the system one night and hey presto – collapse ensued. They then of course bribed the Western governments to bail them all out at the end of it, wiping a few trillion off the Goy tax takes, which could have been spent on roads, housing, hospitals and etc and furthering their agenda to collapse the West into third World status as they build their new Empire / Babylon in the Middle East, sitting fire to the old one behind them (refer the Nazi Phoenix symbol).

AIG swooped into the NZ market with all of its stolen US tax payer money and its retail predatory lending practices around the same time as John Key, doling out a few million to sponsor the All Blacks so as to be accepted. Corporate slime balls.

Staging economic collapses is an important part of what the Rothschild controlled banking criminals do – along with International drug money cartel laundering, said to be the only thing that keeps them afloat these days and the reason behind the invasion of Afghanistan to begin with (heroin) – and of course their staple trade of counterfeiting / printing fiat money on a computer screen somewhere then spending 25% of that stolen/ counterfeit money on corporate advertising campaigns designed to convince the “Goy” public that they need to be in debt their entire lives, just to be cool and accepted in a society run by these same insane bankers.

It’s insanity. It is in fact, de Zoo. If you are a big enough idiot however, you can thrive in this big pile of shit.

Now Media Whores would be careful to point out to our readers – that it would be politically incorrect to label all foreign bank employees as insane freaks, or even as pedophiles or potential pedophiles and murderous lying terrorists. Just because the people they work for are such, does not mean all of those who work for them are that bad also. It can take many years to climb the ladder of ‘success’ in the Satanic banking industry and the slim majority of idiots who work for them are just that – over paid idiots – sponsored to dress up nice each day and smile for the 300 odd security cameras set up all around their ‘orifices’.

We stress again – not all banking industry employees are degenerate lunatics paid to defraud the public and steal their money and abuse their children – and these slightly more moderate of the banking business staff need their voice heard.

Media Whores thus reaches out to Rob De Zeeuw for comment and to ask if he would be at all interested in a regular spot on this website, to help us all understand why we don’t just round up all of the foreign bank drug traffickers, thieves and money launderers…and hang them all  in the streets…possibly on a Jewish holy day. Note, this is NOT a paid position, he would need to do it out of love for his fellow man and neighbors. Not love of money.

Admittedly, we do not get a great response to any of our requests for comment – in fact with the small exception of one Twitter reply from one RNZ ‘journalist’, we haven’t had one yet – but we put this down to further evidence of the Jewish Masonic conspiracy and code of silence, more than to the quality of our work or our broader purpose. And comments are generally blocked and hacked anyway.

It is the thought that counts after all  – so we invite Rob De Zeeuw of the tax payer funded scam called AIG to respond with his thoughts and comments.

And some advice below on how to wipe your mortgage, cancel your overdraft and all of your other debts, with one simple letter to the bank, explaining that it is illegal to fund terrorists, pedophilia and drug traffickers …..the sooner we all collectively tell these globalist degenerate money counterfeiting parasitic money changers to fk off ….the better. Then start controlling our own means of exchange instead.

Disclaimer – Media Whores in no way wishes to suggest that Rob De Zeeuw is at all related to the professional thief from AIG in the middle testifying to congress about the money they all stole. Nor that the AIG chief shown is a pedophile or potential pedophile. We stress, not all money changers and launderers go on to directly abuse kids, but actual statistics are very well covered up and suppressed by the money changers who pose as judges in this same system. There is however an argument that everyone who works in banking (money laundering and counterfeiting) is economically abusing children everyday anyway, by default. Not to mention financing terrorism – economic and otherwise, so it could well be said that they all have a little blood on their hands. Some prefer to call them fake Jews btw. Its a bloodline, one way or the other. And clearly not all Jews are ‘bankers’. 


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3 thoughts on “Degenerate Banking Mafia Updates – with Rob De Zeeuw of AIG”

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    Lee says:

    On the North Korea stuff. It looks like a Rothschild scam. They have a red , white and blue flag. Which is very, very unusual for the Asian Nations. John Todd the original USA whistle blower on the International Paedophile rings ie Synagogue of Satan fame “who disappeared permanently” noted that the colours the Rothschild’s use for their business and by which their stuff/property/businesses can be recognized, is by the colours red, white and blue. Hence Mobil and Gull etc. It is noted that the “alleged mass murderer Helen Clark” (aka “the vampire” as per Gregg Hallett) was dressed from head to toe in red white and blue, in the magazine article run at the time to indicate who she was owned by. When she was having a go at getting the United Nations top job, with John Key saying he regarded her as his “sister”.

    As to Molesworth Station and a place to lock up the Judges and other inbred child murdering and torturing paedophiles, that’s a good idea. Then fly the long suffering British men and women in to enjoy themselves with these perverts in the kiddie trafficking cages. Since it is the British whose children continue to suffer most from the sabotage of the elite paedophile investigation compliments of Lowell Goddard, Chris Finlayson, John Key, Bill English Nick Smith and the rest of that pack of fanatical criminal sexually compromised deviants. Suggest “give a little”, to get the flight money for thousands of them straight to the Molesworth station airport and a lottery as to who and how gets to have fun with them first. Maybe even a lucky dip and a tag team event. Have a dog pit and a wild pig pit and a shed filled with axes, bolt cutters, electrical stuff, chain saws and blow torches for artistic expression by the women and men who had their kids raped and tortured and butchered. How many more Kiwi kids continue to be abused just because they still don’t get the Commission of Inquiry into historical child sex abuse and torture in NZ underway. Indications that they were training the paedo’s in NZ to infest Australia and Canada with. That the Aussies deserve to have a play with them as well.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      Note – media whores does not necessarily condone violence.
      Although Nick Smith and Peter Pan Chris Finlayson in a pig pit does sound kind of cool.
      Will certainly be keen to watch, if not help set it up.

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