Donald Trump is a Female to Male Transgender – yes, really


Featured Image – Donna / Donald Trump. A big old fat granny tranny, holding up his customary 666 hand signal for all of the other Masons watching. 


Well – while we are on a roll, lets get this one out of way.

You might recall people always asking ‘him’ to explain his hair? Yeah well its woman’s hair.

Donald Trump is another female to male transgender, like most of the Royals, most of the ‘male’ Hollywood stars and many of the political “leaders” these days – Justin Trudeau and Terry / Theresa May other obvious examples.

It is a fine art they have gotten it down to since the swinging 60’s, but they can’t hide those small podge little woman’s hands and fingers.

His entire family are trannies.

We know people are still struggling with the flat Earth thing – and many will struggle with this one also. So we will post a few more videos below to help seal the deal.

The inability to see the reality around you is directly correlated to your addiction to mainstream media, the vaccines and the additives in the foods. All of which have been designed to ‘program’ you. Thus you now also have your solution 😉 Actually the internet has been designed to program us also, in all fairness, but it remains wide open for now.

Having said that – if Donna Trump was going to make sure the internet remained free and open, stopped all of the fake wars…and removed all income taxes, we couldn’t give a shit if he was a walking talking dog. But we suspect the hammer will come down soon – once they finish off in the  Middle East. They can only fight a few fronts at a time – and we are probably next. They seem to feed off the blood and murder, this Transylvanian blood line…

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