The other day we included a photo of someone shooting ducks in a barrel, with the post on Tony Veitch/ Leach.

It is of course meant to be ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ – not ducks.

Media Whores acknowledges that this may have been hurtful to the ducks, and their families. Possibly even amounting to a degree of digital harm.

We acknowledge that ducks have suffered enough, not least during duck shooting season, and we in no way intended to question, dispute or in any way lessen this duck holocaust.

Apart from that – all good

And just quickly – if any one else out there would like some social media fame – with up to 72,000 unique visitors per day seeing your pretty face – all you have to do is harass us about our motives and intentions, while ignoring all of the serious allegations of child abuse we have posted. Applications are being taken via the Comments section.


A few recent stats screen prints below. It has peaked at 72,000 per day according to the raw data.

Media Whores is Now the Mainstream Media

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