Steve Wall the South Auckland Internet Stalker’s Greatest Hits


Featured Image – Steve Wall of South Auckland. 


Jeez, tell you what – you can publish any sort of allegations against our politicians, rich listers and media whores, even the judiciary, but post something about your biggest stalker – Steve Wall – and the shit finally hits the fan.

We won’t bore you with all of the details – but thought we would post some of Rudolph’s/ Steve Wall’s greatest hits below because he seems to be painting himself up as something of a victim now. They are pretty good at that, these types.

We are publishing allegations of secret transvestites running our entire Country as well as very serious allegations of massive organized child sex rings operating in NZ with the full protection of the police and NZ judiciary, and this monkey has been sitting there posting bullshit like this below.

What’s up with that? Very odd.

Something certainly pulled his chain.

Even telling us about how much money he made from the National led housing crisis. What a ck.

He also directly attacks Justin Davis – as if he has met him.

Perhaps someone should look into Steve Wall’s family also?

Please be assured however, we in no way wish to imply, express or otherwise, that Steven Wall is another one of these Illuminati transsexual goats, or in anyway involved in the Justin Davis Files – although it cannot be ruled out that this is what has upset him to start with. Just can’t figure out why someone would sit there each day posting comments like the ones below in spite of all the incredible information we have posted. You have to admit, its a bit odd.

We will post some more of the best bearded transsexual inbred bastard goat videos below anyway – because we know people enjoy them. People enjoy a bit of truth generally speaking.

The great website got a bit bogged down trying to expose all the people that came after her/him, so perhaps we should be careful not to get sucked into that also.

They send them in – that’s for sure.

Comments from our biggest stalker yet – Steven Wall of South Auckland. 

Dont tell everyone I live in south auckland I might have to sell up and collect my half million capital gain and move back to chch! Haha
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Yes we are a long way away, thats because its never going to happen. The robots are coming and you will live how they tell you. If you want to live an alternative life style id suggest learning something like Linux or C+ or the like.
mediawhores In reply to Rudolph.I think at this stage Rudolph – it would be fair to say, that you are obsessed.
Your IP address came back as a “Stephen Wall” from Auckland btw.
This hard man veneer you put up that insults and puts down your fellow man is self defence mechanism because you have no self esteem. You try to convince others that you are superior because you actually think you are inferiroir, its called over compensating, and everyone sees right through it.
I am just intrigued by your expressions, you can tell so much about a person but the things they say and how they say it. Most people know this and are very careful aboit what they post online, not you you post everyday and its quite sad. I actually feel sorry for you.
Top notch cut n pasting again, amazing
Is Clarke Gayford Stalking Media Whores? – Media Whores […] Rudolphsays: December 21, 2017 8:20 pm […]
Harry the Dog My word, somebody’s certainly lit Rudolph’s tampon.
Oh poor you all alone again, a son even a mother cant love. You say every day is a good day to show you care about people? I think you have spewed hate about every group of people in the community.
Noone listens because Justim Davis is a paranoid schizophrenic being monitered by the health system much like your self.
Ok please how many times can you cut n past the same 144 lines? What a way to spend your life. Do you live alone?
What are your thoughts on linked in? A temuldic society of inbred jesuit rothchild pedophiles?
Well as the Justin Davis are your only source of information how reliable is it? Anyone with half a brain can see the guys cheese has slid of the cracker. And I have to ask what is your motivation? To protect the common “goy” from pedophiles as you claim or is it an excuse to express your hate for all other humans as you yourself have failed in the system you hate so much? My guess is you are hatefully lonely and actually hate yourself?
mediawhores In reply to Rudolph.Rudolph – it is nice to know we are getting the attention of you ——– out there.
PS: the justin davis files are the only story out there. everything else is a distraction from exposing filthy low life inbred pedofile fks.
But you claim to be the number 1 news site in nz and all you do is post the same justin davis “file” and clips off you tube. Any paranoid hermit can troll you tube.
Not sure if a website that cuts n pastes you tube vids qualifies as a news source does it?
Hi Alex, Im not sure if rehashed you tube videos qualifies as a new source does it?

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3 thoughts on “Steve Wall the South Auckland Internet Stalker’s Greatest Hits”

  1. Sham says:

    Media whores – you guys are awesome! And yes your obviously getting the attention of these crooks, they need to be exposed and good on you for your work!

  2. Bob says:

    Just seen a very brief profile on his employer Waitomo Petroleums’ website.
    Started with their sales team in April last year and looks after South Auckland area…He is at a distance and sans the beard in the photo whilst standing beside his new beaut work ute.Looks more like your typical industry-type bloke as opposed to his sensitive,disgruntled online alter ego Rudolph……photo clarity rather on the dark side as compared to the rest of the staff shots which are generally close up and well lit….just an observation.
    His mobile number is on there too MW…..flick Steve a text and meet up down at his local perhaps…he possibly lives in Mangere East or Papakura.
    Don’t know about his family,but reading the profiles of a couple of the Waitomo directors and management team threw up some glaring red flags.

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