Transvestigations – is Jacinda Ardern Faking ‘Her’ Pregnancy ?


Featured Image – Jacinda Ardern – claims to be pregnant to B grade actor Clark Gaylord. Bit of a bad angle this one. Most photos you see have been seriously photo shopped. Some have been ‘photo shopping’ the name also – Jason Derella, or Transcinderella perhaps? 


Watch these videos below and ask yourself – do you seriously think that Jason Derella is pregnant, or that these two are really a couple, or that Jacinda is even a female?

Perhaps keep in mind that we now know that the following Rothschild ‘leaders’ are all transvestites – Helen Clark, Justin Trudeau, Melania Trump, both of Donald Trump’s sons are women, Teressa May, Julie Bishop, Janet Yellen, Michelle Obama…and many more as exposed in the videos below…

And Kate Middleton, Beyonce, Serena Williams and George Clooney’s ‘wife’ have all been exposed as transvestite men who wore pregnancy belts to look pregnant. Men do not get pregnant.

Wakey wakey – you are being deceived by the snakey. Truth is stranger than the fiction they feed us.

We start with Jacinda as a High School student – notice the different eyes, hair colour, face size, the nose is completely different, hair part, ear shape and size, her teeth even doubled in size. This is not the same person. Some pics below of those big flat man feet, no visible / natural breasts to speak of, and big man arms and hands.

So the question would then become – who is this person posing as our leader? What happened to the young girl? And perhaps most importantly, where are Jacinda and Clark going to get their baby from ? The Ministry of Vulnerable Children?

If these people are prepared to lie to the entire Nation about who they are – and being pregnant – even where the child came from – what else do you think they might be lying about?

Not that we can say for sure this theory is correct – nor that it is even ours – but take a look for yourself.

In fact it would make a very good Peter Jackson film – Meet the Leaders.

Disclaimer – MW has said before – we couldn’t give a shit who is in power – as long as they are honest. In a so called democracy we have the right to ask questions of our leaders, and to demand honesty from them. We are not saying we have any inside info or absolute proof – but there is certainly something of a trend and agenda going on in World politics. Like they have to get trannies in all top roles. 

Fair Use/ Political Correctness. 


Note – Jacinda’s nose is completely different in all of these photos – above and below. The nose above has a concave bridge, but the Jacinda below has a distinctly con-curve bridge. they are photo-shopping them to try and make it look like the same person – so you can imagine what they are doing with our tax money, not to mention the children in their care. 

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17 thoughts on “Transvestigations – is Jacinda Ardern Faking ‘Her’ Pregnancy ?”

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    Wayne says:

    certainly a litany of lies and deception out there hidden in plain sight, and we have to use all of our discernment to try and navigate the minefield, even then sometimes I’m still deceived and have to have self deliverance sessions to clean house and reboot my mind

  2. Reply
    Lee says:

    Jack Ass cinders as I call her due to the cartoon size horse teeth is capable of any lie. Even a reporter complained that in the Winston Peters NZ First Agreement saga that she used “tortuous illogic”. So tortuous was her illogic or confounding use of irrelevant lies and deception and total disrespect of human intelligence as to even make Winston Peters appear a paragon of transperancy. Really !!! No one can be that much of a crap spinner surely. Which has gotta be diabolical in the extreme. Becuase “illogic” is also known as “demonic talk”. The exact opposite in spades of the truth. I doubt the kid ids real and it will be another dead nurse.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      Transcinderella will float somewhere at the very top of the child sex rings – that much is clear.

  3. Reply
    Niggles says:

    So true. Expose these satanic bastards. Further to this is that they despise women and equal rights and feminism is so women DONT have babies. The agenda has to include depopulate the world by keeping biological women OUT of the kitchen.

    Good work mediawhores everyone should know this is the agenda to merge sexes together so Satan can rule the world. He wants us to worship him not God and the miracle of creation man and woman. It seems to be working for the dark side and us good guys will suffer as a result of the evil that has gripped the world.God will win in the end as Satan does not have the all seeing eye, he must ferret the internet to know how people think. Gods power is limitless and Satan is jealous of this.

  4. Reply
    Solzhenitsyn says:

    Oh good. I knew you’d have something to say about this sudden “surprise” announcement.
    My first reaction was that I couldn’t feel surprised at all – It smacks of “agenda” all over.
    Not only do we have a “Head of State” who is far too young for such a job
    …but now she’s having a “baby”. (out of wedlock of course)
    We can only guess where this is going to lead …..Will she continue as PM , have “baby”, dump in creche (as per communist way) carry on her duties, …then the “baby” at age 3 perhaps will decide it’s “transgender”,
    OR…a sudden announcement she’s stepping down to be replaced by …another Communist implant.?
    It’s certainly going to be “interesting”…
    Meanwhile the nauseating part will be watching the Press & gullible public gush & fawn all over her…
    Not to mention endless fodder for all those cheap womens magazines ( owned by same “ilk” that own the Press)

  5. Reply
    Emme says:

    Just like Katei Middlton I believe she is faking it. She should provide a public pregnancy test. to provir it. I am a mother and a heterosexual woman and do not believe she is heterosexual all western leaders are sexually compromised as soon as I heard the news I thought here we go another fake pregnancy.

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