Transvestite Weakly & Woman’s Gay – Nicole Kidman is a Man & Keith Urban a Woman


Featured Image – Every ‘woman’ you see on any of the Jewish owned magazine covers is a tranny. Rest Assured. Nicole Kid-man is just kidding – its a man. 


Trying to get the message home here – out to Kiwis – so they can help protect their kids from these people, who lie and deceive, and apparently kidnap other people’s children, then sexually groom them into gender reassignment. Hardly cricket.

Many of these Illuminati trannies have family stories or allegations of child abuse, or a brother or sister who has dropped dead mysteriously. Often family members who have spoken out about the child kidnapping inbred pedophile cult. Death follows them where ever they go. Death, fame and Rothschild money. Some allege they actually carry out the murders themselves, as part of satanic rituals, in exchange for more money and fame.

In the Biblical sense – they are possessed by demons and are walking talking conduits for demonic energy.

Steven Wall our biggest stalker – who started his attacks around the same time as we started these tranvestigations  – is apparently still very upset – and who could blame him right? We are very upset also.

Kidman’s father was murdered recently also – soon after it was alleged he was involved in this pedophile cult as well – kidnapping and grooming kids as transgenders is big money these days.

“However, a recent report reveals that the 75yr old fled to Singapore to escape allegations of child abuse being linked to a Elite pedophile ring.” – Source

It is a fairly good reflection on the NZ media really – how they hold these freaks up as some kind of heroes for women and the new age liberal society in general.

They are poisoning the minds of you and your family, every day at the shop counters and in the media. Women do not look this this – like life long crack addict men in drag.

Its the transpocolypse – the a-gender agenda – to destroy the Western races.

Youtube will suggest more of these videos once you get started – or check out the channels of the people making them – most of Hollywood are trannies – and a good portion of the NZ media also – not to mention quite a high number of Judges, Mayors and MP’s. It is all the rage these days.

Cher, Cameron Diaz, Johny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, the Olsen Twins…… and on and on – the whole lot of them.

More lying deceptive freaks…

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