Dr Peter Saunders on the Transgender A-Genda



Featured Image – there are only two genders, there has only ever been two genders. Human genders at least. 


Media Whores has said before that we do not care who is pretending to be our leaders, as long as they are honest.

We have been hammering this tranny agenda thing the same as we have hammered most topics we have covered – essentially everything that we see as being covered up by the mainstream. We are no more or less intrigued by this topic than any of the others.

And we have no issue with what other people choose to do in their own bedrooms. Whether straight or gay or tranny, we do not agree however that the State has any business pushing sex of any description upon the public – not least transgender sex to school children, in fact any sort of sex to school children. It is the role of parents to address these things with kids, not the State, or any of their queer / ‘politically correct’ agents and agencies.

We have a situation now where entertainers, politicians and rich listers all over the Globe are kidnapping other people’s children, transgendering them at a young age, then having them lie their entire lives about who they really are, while pushing the same agenda upon children and families across our Nations all day every day.

Canada has now passed a bill (Bill 89) that allows the State to confiscate people’s kids off them if they challenge the right of the state to teach their school kids about transvestite sex (sodomy). And you can guarantee that the Jason Derella regime will be planning the same – they have already started running TV ads for gay sex under the guise of some Government supported charity and want to remove all gender based school uniforms, plus introduce transgender bathrooms in schools.

These trannies are less than 1% of the population, surely, so why the hell are they running everything and setting our media and education agenda?

This is a top down agenda being enforced upon all of us and it is concerning that so many of these people at the top all seem to be trannies.

Although we might sound flippant in regards this topic – rest assured we find it very concerning – much like the child abuse allegations regarding most of these new age politicians – and the fake war of terror.

We are not the only ones.

Here is a very good speech from a UK Dr that Youtube served up for us last night – to put a more sober and professional slant on the issue…

Image – fair use/ political commentary / public interest. 


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