All Famous Hollywood Actresses are Trannies – yes really


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All top Hollywood actresses are trannies. Every single one of them.

And most of the top news presenters also. As well as most of the World famous singers.

Almost all of the famous chicks you see on TV – are in fact transvestites. If they are not a tranny – they do not get to go on TV.

That is called an agender.

Hollywood and all global media corporations are owned and run by Jews.

Jews control the Freemasons. Freemasonry is Jewish Kabbalah for the Goy (non Jews)

The Freemasons are a homosexual transgender cult, all under Jewish mind control.

Or fake Jews if you prefer.

To be successful in Hollywood, you have to be Jewish or a Freemason, and apparently you have to agree to pimp out your kids at a young age, then transgender them as they grow up – confused.

The knowledge and science contained in the Kabbalah is very real. It can be used for good or for bad. At present it is is being used to control the minds of people across the West and the World, mostly via television and the media, which is now exposed as nothing more than a transvestite cult – deceiving the masses into the androgynous agenda – destroying the family….and encouraging men to beat off to trannies.

The Jews bombed the World Trade Centre and run the war on terror. Destroying family values, turning sex into dirt, emasculating men and pushing a false image of female beauty are all just part of their quest to destroy the Western World as they build their new ‘temple’ in the Middle East – with the support of the transgender leaders they have placed in power.




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