Hitler was a Jewish Transvestite Freemason


Featured Image – Hitler giving his woman pose, with those narrow little shoulders. 


All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players – Shakespeare

Hitler was a Jewish transvestite Freemason.

Born a girl – and then transgendered – the same as all of these fake Masonic leaders they offer us up – to this day – all of them.

Hitler’s job was to destroy Germany and Europe and help get the Jews safely off to Palestine, with all of their money in tow. And help stage the Jewish holohoax. He worked hand in hand with the homosexual and/or tranny Churchill to get the job done, having trained in England for a few years to prepare. (Fake Jews – if you prefer.)

The operation was a huge success.

Hitler then escaped to Spain or Portugal or Argentina – depending on who you listen to – where he either lived out his days, or went on the children’s blood diet and reinvented himself as Angela Merkel/ Murky Angel (they make up all of these names – and laugh at us – between high grade Afghan heroin pipes).

These are your ‘leaders’ – all of them senior mason transvestites, playing a role.

If you follow politics – or even vote for or support any of them – you are retarded. None of these inbred trannies are coming to save you. Their only job, is to deceive and tax you. Yes, Donna Trumpette included.

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13 thoughts on “Hitler was a Jewish Transvestite Freemason”

    1. mediawhores says:

      makes sense aye.
      i have said that before also
      genetically inferior and thus the never ending quest for dominance.
      well – the ones in power at least.
      fkg psychopaths – with maimed penises to make it even worse.
      you have obviously risen above it
      what you look like doesnt matter a shit 🙂

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