The Elixir of Life – is Hidden in the Bible


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1000 different distractions and half truths out there – but this is the stuff they don’t want you to learn or find.

The Elixir of Life – hidden very carefully in the Bible – in plain sight the entire time.

Everything else is a corporate hoax designed to enslave you and sell you shit you don’t need, right up until an untimely death, which they claim should be around 72 years old – perhaps the biggest of the lies and only made possible due to vaccines, medicines, and additives in the food and water. You and your family are being slowly murdered by the State/ Satan and the army of Rothschild and Vatican controlled Masonic corporations that set the agenda and related policy/ policing.

The human body is it’s own pharmacy and the most sophisticated invention ever known. All you have to do is let it do its own thing.

The Israel of the Bible describes a place – or condition if you like – of the human mind, not a terrorist state of drug traffickers and pedophiles in the Middle East. The Temple that is to be rebuilt is the temple of man – not another Masonic hoax in the desert. The Temple of Solomon is in fact the Soul of Man.

People have instead been brainwashed into racing around like blue ass flies their entire lives, chasing a corporate media invented false / soulless dream – sold to them using drugs, sex and terrorism – simply so they can afford to dress up like demonic weirdos and pay for sex (one way or another)….and then be able to skite about it to their family and friends, on Facebook, designed for the Goy, for that exact purpose. Human Beings turned into soulless Human Doings, aspiring to be ever more like the ‘elite’ transvestites served up to them around the clock as success and entertainment via their TV’s.

Even the rich listers suffer from their ignorance of this knowledge and thus why they all start chasing plastic surgery, high fashion, face lifts and pedophilia – most of them were born ugly as well as slightly retarded and fight their entire lives trying to counter it, in the wrong direction. Slaves to the money. Most of them seriously abused as kids growing up in Talmudic/ Old Testament families. They have skillfully replaced ‘love thy neighbor’ (which is everyone), with loving thy doctor’s hand up thy bum while trying to fuck all of the neighbours, and their children…sooner or a bit later. Inbred retards awarded a string of zeros for their dedication to destruction, then packaged and sold to the Goy public as some form of new age ‘liberal’ success. Spiritually incontinent, lost in a sea of fiat money. Trapped in the psychology of their own circumcision for eternity.

The Masonic system is upside down – by design – and the very sickest demented freaks in our society are all at the very top, as painstakingly documented each year by The National Business Review ….and the fake Rothschild owned Queen’s honors list.

The most hopeless of this inbred demented tribe are forced into careers in politics, usually after their first name suppression deal made with the fruit loop judicial mafia.

Everything the corporate slave owners do is designed to cover up this information below…..the very purpose for which you were born…to ‘ascend’. Any of your favorite truthers who aren’t pointing this out are half truthers, wittingly or otherwise.

And to the dedicated religious who turn their heads from this – you are fools. It has been right in front of you the entire time. Your Bibles never instructed you to start or join a religion. Re-legion – for re-tards. Pure Rothschild / Jewish military operations & counter intelligence – the perversion of ‘God’. The corporate churches haven’t saved anyone in 2000+ years – even Jesus told them all to fk off (Matthew 7-22).

Colossians 1:27 (Google Inc Spelling Police Alert) – Christ is in fact in you. Not outside of you. And back in the day – everyone was a ‘Christ’ or a Jesus – because they all knew this shit.

This knowledge has now returned – as foretold & thanks to the ascending ‘mercury’ – and will fast become the standard – once again – for the next 12,000+ years. So we might as well all get on with it……


Or a slightly more depressed version, possibly on an acid come down…..but pure truth none the less

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    Jack says:

    “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child.” John F Kennedy. 7 days before he was assassinated. In NZ this is observed to be occurring via a paedophile sodomite economy, as opposed to a proper robust healthy cash flow economy. FIRSTLY there is some 60% of income that goes to the sodomist paedophile economy “mafia shadow Government” banks from rents and mortgages paid (interest on the loan only). SECONDLY there is the at least 20% of income that goes into personal income tax, that has never been legal under the Common Law (the king is not allowed to take from the fruits of the labours of the people). Then there are all the extra little taxes on everything, allow another 10%. Meaning some 90% of the cash flow that should be available for job creation and business growth of a healthy robust economy is removed so as to starve it of capital and enslave most of the population of the people. Causing tremendous hardship due only to this sodomist paedophile sexuality economy. Because that is what the sexuality child raping and abusing intelligence of sodomy and paedophilia is about, the exact opposite of “my people are royal”. THIRDLY they then put their stooges or cutouts, such as Winston Peters with TPP, to maintain and further empower this sodomist paedophile economic reality. These stooges are placed throughout THE City Councils and Governments so as to be able to suck out even more money, and hence remove more money from the circulation of money required of a robust healthy economy. Hence the massive cover up of the Auckland City Councils sodomist paedophile rings contracts that Penny Bright at huge personal expense and personal risk has spent 10 years trying to unravel, and due to massive corruption, unsuccessfully. FOURTHLY Then this new one is the TPP scam where disguised as a free trade agreement, the mafia shadow Government of NZ (compliments of Winston Peters) intends getting access to the entire NZ Treasury, USING CORRUPT paedophile ring Courts and no rights of appeal, to steal almost everything. Then once almost everything is stolen from the economy by these sodomist paedophile child torture and mass murder rings, all that is left is to then bankrupt the Government and legally empty everybodys bank accounts. Enslavement by economic starvation of everything required of a robust healthy economy. FIFTHLY of course borrow as much money as possible so as to spend Billiobs of dollars every year in just paying back the interest money.

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