Mike Bayley on the Demonic Elite Corporate Transvestite Agenda


Featured Image – Mike Bayley of Bayley’s Real Estate with his partner Mel (Archer) Bayley, swanking around on the ‘red carpet’ while Kiwis were being forced out of their homes across Auckland and the Nation. Note the subtle rings of Saturn in the Gucci logo. Always hidden in plain sight. 

Gucci - the Rings of Saturn
Gucci – the Rings of Saturn
Saturn/ Satan logos - the rings of Saturn
Saturn/ Satan logos – the rings of Saturn


Some readers may be curious as to why Media Whores often references Mike Bayley.

Truth is we have never met the guy and didn’t know much about him, save that he was handed Bayleys Real Estate to manage by his family and now paints himself up as some kind of gifted ‘entrepreneur’. Didn’t start jack shit.

He first came to our attention when Youtube played one of his ads to us and they were proudly displaying the six sided hexagon in their symbolism – a red flag to a Mars in Taurus. The Hexagon being an occult reference to the number 666, as also on display on the Israeli flag. 666 is an occult reference to the material World made of carbon 12. It is used by many of these corporates these days as a symbol of their domination of the material World and the slave Goy tax payers that live in it. Some say it is more a reference to the Talmudic anal domination (A.D) of the Goy slaves. It has also been used throughout time as a symbol of ‘Satan’ and the planet ‘Saturn’, the so called destroyer. Research from overseas suggests it is a symbol often used by small dick inbred circumcision victims wanting to make themselves look somehow ‘bigger’ or more powerful (although we have thankfully seen no direct evidence of this here, we should note).


NZ was in the grips of the so called ‘housing crisis’ and Nick Smith MP was forcing people out of their homes across Auckland and the Nation so that greedy inbred assholes from property companies could develop the land and sell off the new houses to wealthy inbred foreigners. Kiwis watched in collective horror as John the Jew Key was selling off our assets under this corporate Government agenda – and this little corporate doofus Mike Bayley was proudly spending money telling everyone how ‘totally’ dominant and ‘demanding’ he is. Possibly what gives him a hard on.

It then got worse when allegations surfaced that the National Housing Minister Nick Smith was running a child sex club from his Nelson electorate office, suggesting that this is how he was being controlled by the corporate powers that be – by bribery and pedophilia.

The way this new globalist corporate system runs is apparently by the corporate elites and foreign bankers grooming and promoting serial child sex offenders into all top postilions of power, most notably as MP’s and judges, which then allows them to set policy themselves so as to maximize their rape and anal domination of the rest of the Nation. Short dick types get off on that sort of stuff some say. 

Now Media Whores had seen no direct evidence that Mike Bayley was bribing pedophiles in Government so as to further fatten his own pockets – but things got interesting when we published a story about the Nick Smith allegations and Bayleys Real Estate 666 symbolism.

Bayleys Real Estate – Building an Apartheid New Zealand?

Within 24 hours, Mike Bayley and his corporate gang had hired a private investigator by the name of Mike Gillam to try and locate Media Whores and harass us – demanding we take the post down. Luckily the private investigator was a half wit and only managed to harass the family members of those involved in the hosting of this website – including one 72 year old lady. It later turned out that Mike Gillam was the same private investigator used to go after Lauda Finem when that website started exposing pedophilia and corruption allegations among our so called corporate ‘elites’ also. Mike Bayley’s preferred PI is apparently a specialist when it comes to covering up corporate elite pedophilia and /or associated corruption and Mike Bayley apparently thought it was Ok to start harassing 72 year old ladies in their homes to try and avoid the pedophilia association embarrassment.

Mike Gillam on Lauda Finem here – there is a close little network of these demonic corporate mafia boys it seems. A pack of corrupt little greedy pricks and poison in our midst. It’s not hard to see how so many of these little half wit business boys club types end up involved in pedophilia scandals and with name suppression later in life is it. They are a pack of dogs.

24 hours after that, our entire website was taken down by the NZ hosting company on the orders of Mike Bayley – a criminal act of sabotage by NZ’s corporate ‘elite’ designed to censor freedom of speech in our Nation and thus proving that Mike Bayley was indeed a corrupt little half wit criminal.

In fact our biggest stalker Steve Wall recently posted a comment bragging that Mike Bayley and his wife still have a private investigator following us around – suggesting Steve Wall is part of this same little fascist club as well – and the inspiration behind this latest post today. Wall claimed that these half ass ‘elites’ were “scared for their lives” – essentially crying “holocaust!” as most of these greedy corporate thieves are trained to do. Media Whores suggested Mike Bayley might like to move in under a South Auckland bridge for a week or two with the homeless if he wanted to know what living in fear was like. If anyone should be in fear, it is those exposing these little criminal corporate mafia scum bags. Many of these rich lister types have a trail of blood and sex scandals a mile long by the time they reach retirement (see details below rant).

The guys who look after our website hosting (who were harassed) suggested Mike Bayley ring his mates at Media Works and announce that just $50 from every house sale be donated to homeless children – but never heard back. The greedy little prick ran like hell from that idea. Like garlic to a vampire.

Now listen up – if you creepy self serving corporate half wits get off on economically sodomizing the Nation you live in while prancing around on the red carpet like demoniacally possessed peacocks – well that’s one thing – but if you want to try and shut down any criticism of your theft, corruption and greed by censoring freedom of speech in that same Nation – well that is criminal intent – and if you then want to send pervert private investigators after those who expose and criticize you and their families, well that is just one step too far.

We then found other evidence that Mike Bayley was indeed a half wit little thieving criminal when it was revealed that he was not content with just economically sodomizing the Auckland property market, but was also colluding with other market players in fixing their fees as well ie) theft and conspiracy to steal on a grand scale. Working at night against his fellow man and citizens…..


So we can conclude that Mike Bayley is a a dishonest little mafia business boy type and readers are encouraged to make up their own mind as to whether or not he was directly involved in the bribing of the Housing Minister Nick Smith MP for his alleged serial child sex offending. As we have said, we saw no direct evidence of this, but it was rather astounding and telling that this pint sized twerp in an over priced and sized suit reacted the way he did – showing no concern at all about the pedophilia allegations and instead hiring a PI to have us shut down.

Now Media Whores is probably quite well known for our rants on ‘the disgusting low life inbred corporate elites’ – often explaining that they were usually raised in Talmudic / Old Testament type families where they were serially abused as kids – not least via circumcision – and then go on to become child abusers themselves, directly or indirectly – but we usually stop short of leveling those sort of allegations directly at these individual greedy rich listers by name, because that of course opens you wide up to time consuming lawsuits. So we would be careful here to state that those sweeping generalizations that we often make do not necessarily apply to this little criminal half wit Mike Bayley. We stress we have seen no direct evidence of this and would not state so unless we did. You have to admit however, that Mike Bayley does seem to appear to tick at least some of the boxes that fit the description of these new age corporate ‘elites’ and how this new global corporate system of Government is run today – if not all of the boxes. Some might even argue that Mick Bayley is the poster boy for these service to self whack job new age corporates.

In one recent article we stated that the corporate elites are all lost in a sea of fake counterfeit money, chasing “weirdo fashions, plastic surgery and pedophilia” then gloating about it on social media to their friends and family – even while the MP’s are allegedly raping kids around the Nation. Now again, we have seen no direct evidence of this in this case, but a quick search of Google images for Mike Bayley and his associates pops up stuff like this below – keen eyes will notice the various masonic symbolism and fashions – the black ringed hat is a well known symbol of Saturn for one – and even one or two peacock feathers to boot.

Hello clowns – did you know kids in Auckland are now living under bridges and hooked on meth, while you all swank around like demoniacally possessed high fashion weirdos caked in make up for the cameras? Do we all have to join your queer little thieving corporate gang if we want to be seen as successful and cool too? And how long before we all get a microchip inserted up our asses to be able to buy and sell shit in this country under your new fascist global regime? Your vanity and self worship is repulsive to be frank. These are the real low lives of our society in our opinion – disguised behind an iron wall of media propaganda, high fashion, and corporate lawyers. Capitalism is the new communism – and these are the new age communist elites. They were all rounded up and chucked in labour camps back at various times in history. 

These are the corporate tarts and airheads held up as fashion, beauty and success in this new false Global corporate reality we find ourselves in. Three inches of make up is now the norm. Most of the high end stuff contains the HEK293 aborted baby fetus proteins which they claim makes the skin look younger – so hip these days. They swim in a pool of other people’s blood – in the figurative sense at least – and they are all apparently very proud of it. Most of the women these corporate sodomites rope in end up looking like the souls have been sucked out of them by age 35, replaced with a string of showy jewelry and an over sized late model four wheel drive so they can dominate all of the other parents while dropping the next generation of demoniacally possessed materialists off at the elite schools – the same elite Auckland schools where they snort cocaine at meet the teacher nights most likely. Out of their collective corporate heads.



False Image – a fat little podgy Mike Bayley on the piss again for a child cancer ‘charity’ down the Auckland water front – presumably to try and improve his public image. These are the same corporate elite types that suppress and criminalize all of the known cancer cures, while little kids die painfully everyday via the huge chemotherapy treatment business. The last thing these assholes want to do is cure cancer – nor presumably any other of societies ills. They have instead built entire industries around the ‘treatments’ and associated fund raising – while posing as caring saviors. Its the same old Talmudic deceptive corporate con over and over, as these immoral greedy low lives stuff their pockets to overflow., then skite to all of us about it. It is some kind of serious psychological illness in our view. Even in the Biblical view – false idols who’s entire existence seems dedicated to the worship of other false idols. 


Now Media Whores would estimate that at least 80% of the Nation find these low life greedy self serving and self worshiping corrupt corporate elites somewhat vulgar and disgusting and would rather not have to see them in the media at all, while the other 20% are either working for or with them and sometimes get invited out for free drinks at one of their endless parties or social occasions – but this is not the reason we have decided to cover Mike Bayley and the pedophilia allegations again today. Instead, we want to ask him – is he at all aware of the elite corporate transvestite agenda going on in the World – where many if not most of these new age corporate globalist elites are in fact transvestites or transgenders or married to the trannies? And is this why they all seem to be kidnapping other people’s children and then sexually abusing them before transgendering them also? Is it all some sort of satanic ritual and cult?

That might seem a bit odd – but when you read the above story one does wonder just how far up the corporate Masonic ladder of serial economic sodomy Mike Bayley is, and therefore would he be able to offer any clarifications on this issue – for the NZ public – to help clear things up?

Thus Media Whores reaches out to Mike Bayley this morning to ask if he knows what’s going on with all of these transgendered and transvestite corporate elites? Is it possible that we will all have to become trannies going forward? Not least if we want to buy a home, or even to have a beer down on the Auckland water front? And perhaps even more importantly, will everybody have to pimp out their children to even be considered for an invitation into the new global corporate World order run by these types – especially in the real estate game? And why does there appear to be so much child abuse in the real estate industry these days? Surely the industry leaders are responsible for this? Could it be because they are not really leaders at all – but are in fact greedy little self serving criminals? Or perhaps these creepy corrupt elites actually get off on the new child abuse statistics?

A quick look at the trail of child abuse and blood that accompanies Mike Bayley’s ‘success’ below. Two sides of the same Zionist coin. One fat little greedy/ self serving Talmudic/ corporate pig equals thousands of sick, dying and abused kids. Mike Bayley clearly doesn’t give a shit – he is at race day swigging $300 champagne.









Cold, damp homes making children too sick to learn

Nick Smith & the Debt Collectors – Mathieu ‘Mat’ Holt from TPS Tenancy Credit Control

The comments section does appear to be working – so we await a response below. Or another phone call from a low life half wit private investigator perhaps? The paranoid self worshiping freaks probably have one stationed down the road anyway as per Steve Wall’s claim.

Our question to Mike Bayley and his dirty corporate gang today is – just how many of NZ’s inbred elites are also so called Illuminati transvestites? And is this the reason why they all wear so much make up and dress in queer Masonic fashions these days? And would he and the other rich lister dkheads be open to discussion on an alternative system where we don’t all have to become corporate trannies & pedos, or smear aborted HEK 293 baby fetus all over our faces,  just to be able to afford to eat and own a home?

Media Whores is fairly sure that the vast number of Kiwis would far rather swap the weirdo masonic high fashion, champagne, cocaine and expensive make up for less child abuse and homelessness in our society – but at present it is these corporate thieves that seem to be setting the agenda and even running our Nation. They have all apparently been given a free pass by the inbred banking powers that be.

And perhaps a secondary question – if we may….. Has the last 30+ years of massive pedophilia bribery scandals and associated accusations across NZ government and industry all been for the end goal of enabling a small bunch of corrupt greedy inbreds and somewhat genetically inferior masonic perverts to prance around the place posing as the definition of success and ‘beauty’ in our once fair Nation?

Seems a somewhat shallow end goal if so.

Perhaps we could have a binding referendum on this corporate globalism sweeping through New Zealand  and hopefully all agree that these corrupt greedy industry ‘leaders’ are actually the source of the problem.

The Sex Collectors – How the NZ Government is Run on Shame

First up – a quick trip to Long Room in Ponsonby where most of these corporate ‘elite’ freaks seem to gather at night, looking for fresh virgin blood…..infested with it.

More information on the new age corporate takeover of NZ – using pedophilia and bribery…..

The Sex Collectors – How the NZ Government is Run on Shame


‘Mafia, Blackmail & The New Zealand Government’

Part 1 and 3: The Real Deal with Dr Jim Fetzer


Greg Hallett exposes how governments are really run today.
The SEX COLLECTORS reveal the shameful sexual secrets used
to promote politicians, judges and media whores into the highest position.

The Hallett Report No 1


Transcript from THE HALLETT REPORT NO. 1


‘Mafia, Blackmail & The New Zealand Government’

Historical Crime Solving
Non Fiction

Text from the movie above, Part 2

Greg Hallett: So here we are, talking about New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide”.

One of the things I found out over the last ten years of studying governments and listening to intelligence and counter-intelligence is that those in government are sexually compromised, and their sexual secrets are collected and then they are promoted into governments and into judiciaries and into all the positions of importance.

In 2007 I wrote and published “New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide”.

It was nominated for “Book of the year” and then, within about ten days, the article was removed, the book was no longer nominated, and concerted government attacks began, because I got the sexual secrets of New Zealand politicians and judges – the same sexual secrets that were sold to foreign countries to control New Zealand.

The person who collected the sexual secrets on New Zealand is the same person who became the Prime Minister – Helen Clark.

KGB Prostitute and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark
Former New Zealand Prime Minister
Helen Clark, KGB Agent,
St. Petersburg Gang Bang Prostitute

She collected the sexual secrets from the seventies and sold them to a Russian intelligence agent called Valenti Putin. He had two body doubles, also living in Wellington between 1980 and 82, and they were called Alexander Putin, Valenti Putin and Alexia Putin.
Valenti Putin is Vladimir Putin.Helen Clark collected the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s politicians, lawyers, judges, mayors, gave them Valentin Putin, and he used them to create and govern New Zealand as a communist mafia dictatorship, that would do absolutely anything that it could to cover up its sexual shame.

Valenti/Vladimir Putin

Valenti/Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

So along with publishing the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s notoriety I also published the names of the security intelligence services and their addresses.

Two weeks before I published, the same agency changed the law, so that it was legal to do so, so I was getting help from the inside.

One of the things I discovered about New Zealand is, that it is a ‘Paedophile Movement Fronting as a Country’, and New Zealand’s main import and export, apart from dairy, maybe, is heroin. More recently that has been taken over with methamphetamine.
I also found that the heroin deals were being done during and just after the royal visits, and that the principle heroin trafficker is ‘The Black Prince’ – Prince Philip – along with his wife Queen Elizabeth and the now deceased Queen Juliana of Holland and her husband Prince Bernhard.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

Those who supplied children for paedophilia to Prince Philip were invited into the heroin trafficking ring. The heroin was then sent from South America in Phillips light tubes to Waihi, where they were taken out of the boxes, broken open and the heroin was taken out of the fluorescent light tubes, and the boxes were sent back to Holland, as a stocktake of the amount of heroin that had gotten through.

On the 27th of June 1979, two lawyers, Peter Williams, who became Peter Williams QC, and his business partner Eb Leary, later convicted twice, sold the house to the heroin trafficker Terry Clark.

On the 3rd of October 1979 the heroin trafficker Terry Clark sold that house to two Detective Inspectors of the New Zealand Police – they were Detective Inspector John Rex Hughes and Detective Inspector Ian Hastings, who was known as “Hastio”, and is now, well, he took over from Terry Clark’s heroin trafficking in 1980, and Detective Inspector Ian Hastings then ran casinos, and he used that to launder methamphetamine money. He is known as “Hastio” on the street.

Helen Clark had been a Tavistock St. Petersburg gang-bang prostitute.

She came back to New Zealand wanting to become an MP, but everybody knew that she was a lesbian. She was in a relationship with Judith Tizard. So Judith Tizard’s mother became the wedding celebrant, and Helen Clark married Peter Davis.Peter Davis is a known homosexual and child sex abuser. He was on the police list of those who needed cover.

So Helen Clark, lesbian and paedophile of a ten-year-old Vietnamese girl in Vietnam in late 2002, she married Peter Davis for cover, and became an MP. And because she had supplied the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s notoriety to Vladimir Putin, they both became the leaders of their country at the same time.

Helen Clark became the Prime Minister of New Zealand on the 6th of December 1999 and Vladimir Putin became the President of Russia on the 31st of December 1999.

It is an interesting story how Vladimir Putin became President of Russia.

Boris Yeltsin had stolen US$ 1.5 Billion


Boris Yeltsin had stolen US$ 1.5 Billion

Yeltsin was in power, he had stolen US$ 1.5 Billion, and an investigative reporter was onto it. So he asked the head of the KGB, Vladimir Putin, to do something about it, and that’s why it was done on the last day. Either that, or Yeltsin was going to be exposed.

The reporter disappeared, Yeltsin got to keep his money, in exchange for Putin becoming President of Russia by the end of 1999.

I spent 9 years collecting the intelligence and counter intelligence secrets of New Zealand, and a longer period collecting them of the world. A lot of the stories you read in my ten books are stories that you won’t read anywhere else. Some of them you’ll know to be true, some of them will have been published, some of them will seem incredulous.

Intelligence and counter intelligence ‘work’, and they ‘work together’ to create scenarios that are so unbelievable that they cannot be published in the mainstream media, and if they are, they will appear like a joke. The information to blackmail a country, to blackmail its politicians, to blackmail its Prime Ministers and Presidents, to blackmail its judges and lawyers is a very serious matter.

When this book was first going to the press in October 2007, I’d been talking to the convicted murderer David Bain outside a local shop. No one believed he murdered his entire family, in fact he was set up by the Police. When I walked out from the pavement across the road, Helen Clark came out of the Domain, out of Park Road, across Parnall Road, down Ayr Street, in Parnell, in an S-Bend, doing 40 km an hour, which is twice as fast as most cars. She was in a red (crimson) Ford Mondeo, which is a government carpool car, and she tried to run me over. So I stopped the press, and added that as the final chapter.

Helen Clark is a KGB agent. She is a very dangerous woman. She murdered, ordered the murder of her best friend, one of her best friends, Michael King, who was the chief historian in New Zealand. The murder took place on the 29th of March 2004. We had fore-knowledge of it. The contract was put out on about between June and October 2003. Nobody picked it up, and then Sian Elias picked it up on the 13th of October 2003, and then she was awarded the New Supreme Court in the position of Chief Justice of that new Supreme Court two days later, on the 15th of October 2003, and in those two days the Supreme Court Act was absolutely rammed through New Zealand (Parliament).

So New Zealand now has a Chief Justice, Sian Seerpoohi Elias, who is a contract killer. She is a Sayanim Mossad agent.

Sian Seerpoohi Elias is a Sayanim Mossad agent and contract killer
Sian Seerpoohi Elias is a
Sayanim Mossad agent and contract killer

I also exposed Peter Williams – now Peter Alridge Williams QC – for his role in the Mr. Asia Heroin Trafficking ring, as the kingpin of that ring, and exposed him as the murderer of Marty Johnston – Christopher Martin Johnston – on the 12th/14th of October 1979 in Lancashire in England, and as soon as Peter Williams own lawyer, junior lawyer Karen Soich, was arrested for that murder – on the 3rd of November 1979, Peter Williams flew to England – and I’ve written in the book, and I have got this from second in charge of the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) – who knows Peter Williams very well – that Peter Williams went to his hotel, walked into the hotel lobby – this is in England – two mafia boys in suits walked past him and said: “Your payment’s in your room”.

Peter Williams went up to the room, there was a suitcase on the bed with ₤2 million pounds in it. Peter Williams used that money to bribe witnesses and anyone of influence and judges and very likely eliminated some people. His junior lawyer Karen Soich was let off. It was the longest trial in England’s history, about 3½ months long – it was over 100 days – and then Terry Clark was found guilty, put in Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight, where he died 3 years later in 1983 – faked his own death. He went to Breeze Norton Military Base, and he had plastic surgery, which was funded by Prince Philip – ‘The Black Prince’ – and then Terry Clark went to Perth in Australia, where he set up as a second hand car dealer.

I went round to Peter William’s place and told him that story, and he said: “Yes, I have heard that”.

In that same timeframe, with Peter Williams arriving to England – on the 27th of August 1979, Lord Louis Mountbatten was blown up in his boat. Now Lord Louis Mountbatten was part of the ‘Triumvirate’, which was the heroin trafficking ring run by Prince Philip.

Lord Louis Mountbatten and Prince Philip
Lord Louis Mountbatten was part of the
‘Triumvirate’, the heroin trafficking ring
run by Prince Philip

Also by Lord Porchester, Prince Andrew’s father, and Lord Plunket, who died in 1975, and that’s Prince Edward’s father. And with Lord Plunket dying, Lord Louis Mountbatten was invited into the heroin trafficking ring, and he qualified, because he was already compromised, because he is a long standing paedophile, and Lord Louis Mountbatten considered the mentorship of his nephews and grand nephews to be the same as sodomy.

The first man to escape out of Colditz, first or second, Airey Neave, who was a lawyer and British MP, a man of note and influence, and Margaret Thatcher’s bondage lover.

Peter William’s QC is Prince Philip’s agent in New Zealand. Prince Philip’s wife owns the Court buildings and owns the Judiciary.

He (Airey Neave) was trying to clean up the heroin trafficking ring and he got to Lord Louis Mountbatten. So Lord Louis Mountbatten was on a target list of Prince Philip’s to be killed. And it looks like Prince Philip gave the ₤2 million pounds to the mafia, who gave it to Peter Williams, who found it in a suitcase on his hotel bed, and then went around eliminating those who could jeopardise his case.

(Irish voice: “I tell you, it’s like what happened to the world over the last twenty or thirty years:
Greed, greed & more fucking greed, & cheap money, & in Ireland, it is a tragedy what happened.)

When I exposed Peter Williams QC as being in charge of paedophilia in New Zealand, being in charge of heroin trafficking in New Zealand, and his partner being in charge of Methamphetamine trafficking in New Zealand, a Police Inspector called Winston West, who was in a full motor cycle suit, helmet, on a motor cycle, came alongside of the car I was in, which was a very small Honda Civic, jumped on the bonnet, ripped the wiper blade and arm right off the car, and he ripped the rear vision mirror right of the car, and then fell on the ground with his arms and legs in the air, like a dog wanting to get patted.

There were two detectives here, two there, two there. Two minutes later an ambulance turned up, picked him up, took him to the hospital. No police chased me, nothing. It was just Peter Williams saying he had total control over the police doing any hits that he wanted.

Lord Louis Mountbatten and Prince Philip
‘The Black Prince’ Prince Philip and
Peter Alderidge Williams QC ‘Mr Asia’,
MI-6 / Mafia Boss

I went to the Auckland District Law Society and got the payment schedules for the murders. They went through the bank accounts controlled collectively by Terry Clark, Peter Williams, Eb Leary and Billy Boyd.

Terry Clark was convicted, his death was faked, he was given plastic surgery and a new life. Eb Leary was charged for laundering drug money twice, convicted twice. Billy Boyd was convicted, supposedly sent to prison for six months, but he may have spent a maximum of three nights on the Wardens couch. Both were struck off for about 19 years.

On the other hand Peter Williams was not charged, was not sent to prison, and was made a Queen’s Counsel lawyer, and I am absolutely certain that is because Peter Williams was trafficking the heroin and doing the contract killings for Prince Philip, who was the head of the Triumvirate, the head of the heroin trafficking ring.

And those who supply children to Prince Philip for paedophilia qualify for entrance into the triumvirate heroin trafficking ring.
Peter Williams had so much work from people, who have been had for trafficking heroin and other drugs, that he had to give that work to other lawyers. With the notoriety and the leading people in New Zealand being heroin traffickers and paedophiles and contract killers, we have a case where ‘there is absolutely no justice whatsoever coming out of the New Zealand judiciary’.

That is backed up further, when Sian Elias, current chief justice Sian Seerpoohi Elias was bribed into the position of chief justice, when her husband Hugh Fletcher, a known child abuser, bribed Prime Minister Jenny Shipley and the leader of the opposition Helen Clark into naming and seconding Sian Elias into the position of Chief Justice.

That way Hugh Fletcher was never being charged for his child sex abuse. Hugh Fletcher would run child sex abuse soirees with 14–18-year-old Polynesian boys, and wear a Nazi uniform while he orchestrated them. That uniform may have come from Nicholas Courlander, or maybe it was one size up.

One of those boys in Hugh Fletcher’s child sex abuse ring, Phillip Leyton Edwards, murdered David McKnee, who was a small time TV presenter, homosexual, so it was interior design, what do you expect – pillows for biting.

That murder was covered up by Sian Elias and by Helen Clark, and that should have thrown them out of office and out of the government, but because so many people of influence in New Zealand are homosexuals and paedophiles and murderers, and drug money launderers, there was a cover up. That includes Paul Holmes who bought his 18-month-old stepdaughter Millie Elder for NZ$ 850,000. He borrowed that money off two judges in Alcoholics Anonymous, and St. Marks on Khyber pass. That money went across Kevin Ryan’s desk, who was the biggest fundraiser for the IRA in the Southern Hemisphere. And it looks like the IRA was at least 80 % MI6.

Paul Holmes then rented out his stepdaughter Millie Elder to Bob Jones, who was paying both of them in methamphetamines. And we should not forget Sir Geoffrey Palmer, who became a Privy Counsellor, the highest ranked judicial figure in New Zealand. He got into that position of Privy Counsellor by covering up a police paedophile ring in Dunedin, and another one in Christchurch, and then he would go to a dominatrix called Christine Rankin to get his white ass whipped.

Sir Geoffrey Palmer then promoted Christine Rankin to the Commissioner of Families which really helps the paedophiles.

New Zealand is a completely dysfunctional country, absolutely dysfunctional. The person who reorganised state services in 1988 is Margaret Bazley. She was the bag lady for the heroin trafficking. She would carry the money for the hits and the guns for the hits and deliver them to her husband James Frederick Bazley, known as Steve Bazley, who was then convicted of triple murder, including the murder of Doug and Isobel Wilson.

KGB Prostitute and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen ClarkDame Margaret Bazley is responsible
for destroying the lives of about 2200 people
through ‘Deep Sleep Experiments’

Dame Margaret Bazley was also in charge of the Deep Sleep experiments in the mental institutions in New Zealand, where she succeeded to keep someone alive who had been asleep for three months. Dame Margaret Bazley is responsible for destroying the lives of about 2200 people. In about 2005 the survivors were each paid out about NZ$ 170 000 in damages.

When I published “New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide” in October 2007, in June 2008 James Frederick Bazley, released out of prison and working as a Tax Account, Budget Advisor in Invercargill, he contacted his ex-wife Dame Margaret Bazley and said he wanted to murder me. Dame Margaret Bazley stopped it, she said no. I didn’t know about it actually – Intelligence told me about that probably three years later.

Dame Margaret Bazley this year 2011, about June this year, was given the New Zealand’s highest award, the Sir Peter Blake award, supposedly for services to New Zealand, but what she has achieved was to go through all the major government departments in New Zealand, and organize them internally so they are completely dysfunctional. So New Zealand does not function, absolutely does not function.

With my radio interviews, people have been ringing up from overseas, complaining to New Zealand Foreign Affairs, so all of the government departments, 12 of them, got together, and they worked out a way to attack me. So what they did is they each sent me fines, and then when I replied to those fines, they ignored my response and send me penalties on those fines.

At the same time I had five cases going on in the High Court, one in the District Court, with all of my evidence suppressed. The end result of going through the New Zealand Judiciary for four years, from 2007 to 2011, the end result was that the judiciary could not hear any one of my cases.
Now, another thing, you shouldn’t really trust Intelligence. What I was doing was, they were feeding me stories, because they thought they were gonna die, and they wanted their legends told, so they were feeding me stories. I was typing them up, and taking them back to them, and they looked at them and said “Yeah, yeah, yeah”.

So I ended up with having 500 written pages of these stories. So what intelligence did is, they had got these stories, that they had told me, that I had typed up, and they put them in the bottom of my court files in the boxes, so that the judges would read them, as though that information came from me.

And indeed, all of the information that I presented in the New Zealand courts came either first hand, that is, it was my knowledge, or it came from Intelligence, retired Intelligence, and in the main it came from retired Intelligence.

So the New Zealand judiciary is incapable of looking at itself, as I name New Zealand judges and lawyers, who were laundering heroin money, involved in paedophilia, involved in heroin trafficking, covering up murders, involved in murders, and judges who were mentally ill, like judge Johnny Hole from District Court of Auckland, formerly of Gisborne.

The judges refused to look at it. They refuse to look at any information which puts them in a bad light. But the New Zealand judiciary is the Mafia. All of the judges and all of the heads of the judiciary have been promoted there because someone has the ‘wood’ on them. Someone knows, and has photographs of them having sex with children, trafficking heroin, laundering heroin money, same with methamphetamine, trafficking methamphetamine, laundering methamphetamine money. It is so blatantly obvious now, it is actually done in government approved trusts, with tax dodges, incorporated, approved by the government.

Yeah, it is kind of stuffed really, you know, when you really find out how your country works, they just do their best to kick you out of it. They’ll attack you, they’ll attack you for two decades. They’ll take your house, they’ll destroy your family, they’ll blow up your car, they’ll rape your finances, they’ll send you false bills, they’ll destroy all your relationships, and all of these things is what the Mafia does. Governments are the Mafia. The judiciary is the Mafia. That is all I have got to say . . .

Here is the castle. It is called Schenkenburg. It was a big castle, reasonably big. It was a tax collecting castle. There is a river going all the way around it, there are hills all around it, so you have to come through this valley.

The tenants here that were using it for tax collecting, the owner decided that he didn’t like them, and he could not get rid of them, because it is on such a high promontory, so he had to get canons to blow up his own castle and get rid of his own tenants, and it is such a good metaphor for governments today.

Anyway, enjoy it. Get the book. www.TheWorldOftruth.net. It used to be www.greghallett.com, but that got attacked as well. www.TheWorldOftruth.net . . .

I’m back. There is another couple of points I’d like to make.

New Zealand is a test tube shaped country in the bottom of the South Pacific, it is the test case for the Western World. So what happens in New Zealand, when that plan has in some form succeeded, it is exported to other nations, in the West and other nations.

When I published Peter William’s heroin trafficking, the Army said, that they “had been aware of Peter William’s heroin trafficking since the early 1960s”, and the commissioner of police said “No greater truth had come out of police investigations since Te Rauparaha, which was in the 1830s.

The reason why no greater truth had come out of Police investigations since the 1830s was, that it wasn’t the Police investigating it. It was the Police doing the crimes, it was the Police doing the heroin trafficking, it was the Police doing the murders, and it was the Police doing the paedophilia. And that is all Police Detective Inspector Ian Hastings plus others . . . So, crimes are now being solved by individuals.

The Police don’t solve crimes, they cover them up. And when there is enough media pressure to solve a crime, they just stitch someone up. Most of the larger crimes now are Inside Jobs, done by governments, done by Police, done by Lawyers, done by Judiciaries, and that includes murders, heroin trafficking, paedophilia and methamphetamine trafficking, and those are pretty much the largest crimes . . . we should add financial frauds.

The Sex CollectorsThe series ‘The Sex Collectors’ is
now available as PDF files

Anyway, check out the website, have a listen to me on Jim Fetzer.com, The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer, (http://radiofetzer.blogspot.com/)we’ve got an audio modified CD now with 33 interviews, Radio interviews, and we are just moving into video, so we are just playing around with taking test shots.

Hope you like it, hope you believe it, hope you take action.

The information in “New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide” is expanded in greater detail including some of the legal documents, some of them obtained from the Auckland District Law Society. These are quite big books, there is three in the series called “The Sex Collectors”.

  • The Sex Collectors, Vol. 1, How the World is Run on Shame – Stitch-Ups.
  • The Sex Collectors Vol. 2, How the World is Run on Shame – Murders.
  • The Sex Collectors Vol. 3, How the World is Run on Shame – Heroin Ticket.

These books are 600 pages A4 full color, so we prefer to sell them as PDFs please, just because it is like 40 quid to post them, so PDF’s please . . .
Get yourself some real knowledge . . .
(Sounds and videos – Pull it)

Jorn: And how was that?

Fantastic . . . There’s some extra chemtrails . . .

And now a word from our sponsor: Ich kann es nicht glauben . . . Jetzt kann ich nicht mehr . . .

More information and downloads at http://www.dasaktuellebuch.de/GH/HallettReportNo1.html

Jim Fetzer The Real Deal Would you like to listen to more interviews with Greg Hallett and Jim Fetzer?
Then listen to THE REAL DEAL . . .http://radiofetzer.blogspot.com/search?q=greg+HALLETThttp://radiofetzer.blogspot.com
Hitler was a british agent

Hitler was a British Agent

GlobalRegional.com has put together a collection of links to Greg Hallett’s & Spymaster’s classic title “Hitler was a British Agent”. On the following page you will find videos, radio interviews and links to downloadable pdf excerpts:



The Mountbatten Report
NEW !!!
Mountbatten Report

Lord Chancellor, Ami de Creighton




‘Christopher Robin’ was one of the many WWII code names of Christopher Creighton, whose real name is John Ainsworth-Davis. From the age of 15, he worked directly under Winston Churchill, Ian Fleming, Lord Louis Mountbatten and Desmond Morton – whom he called ‘uncle’. In 1996, he published OPJB – The Last Great Secret of the Second World War where he and Ian Fleming rescued Martin Bormann out of Berlin – Hitler’s financial secretary – on 1 May 1945.

This, the last Mountbatten Report, was written between 1976 and 2006, taking longer due to the theft and sabotage of reference material amounting to tampered evidence, by what is today our ‘Counter-Intelligence’. Their role is to keep us ignorant longer . . . and to fail doing so.

Chris borders on a psychic detective-warrior-spy and has proved himself highly intuitive when it comes to protecting himself and his own. When this manuscript was seconded anonymously and without attachments, it was stored in a bank vault in Buenos Aires for four years and then published very rapidly. The publishers agree that both Hitler and Bormann got out of Berlin, with the assistance of Chris Creighton, Ian Fleming, Winston Churchill and King George VI. They remain divided as to whether Hitler went to Spain, or to Spain then Argentina.

This book relates firsthand the UKUSA missions to sabotage Pearl Harbor, Dieppe, Donegal and for the first time, solves a series of assassinations done by Christopher Robin on the orders of Winston Churchill, Desmond Morton, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Ian Fleming & KGVI.

Chris is a great lover of music, women and life. He is both the anti-hero and the hero. He is the villain to those who don’t understand enough, and the hero to those who wish they could. Without question this book is written from firsthand experience of the pain, nuance and treachery of war.


This report was requested by Lord Louis Mountbatten in 1976. It was not released by the Mountbatten Library so the original author passed it to the publishers thirty years later, citing the wishes of Mountbatten.

This is the story of Churchill, Morton, Mountbatten and Ian Fleming’s Paladin − who from the age of 15½ was a contract killer carrying out some of the great deceptions that turned World War Two.

As a British Double Agent, he played off German Double and Triple Agents and showed them around Top Secret British Naval bases in order to leak secrets and mislead the Germans. He blew up a Dutch submarine; blew up an entire German U-boat base in Ireland; met with Hitler with a clear opportunity to kill him; then met with Field Marshal Rommel which ended in the most excruciating torture scene.

His attempts at suicide failed and were quickly followed by an amazingly brave rescue by British doctors masquerading as a Nazi SS death squad just moments before D-Day.

He admits to the murder of two British signals staff that had interpreted the coded messages: ‘Japanese Aircraft Carriers headed towards Pearl Harbor’, and admits to the murder of the French Admiral Darlan. Just before becoming the new James Bond, he attempted to shoot his British controllers, and all through it, continues his love affair with music and women.

Undoubtedly this book is filled with all the detail and angst of war.

This is the forerunner to Operation JAMES BOND.



Lord Chancellor, Ami de Creighton

Hardcover 358 pages Publisher:The World Of Truth (2012) Language: English 
 978-0-9852278-0-7 Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.1 x 2 inches Shipping Weight: 1.9 pounds
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You can buy the hardcover and ebook editions also at www.mountbattenreport.com/

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The Sex Collectors
Greg Hallett
The Sex Collectors 1 The Sex Collectors II The Sex Collectors III


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