Masonic Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight


Featured Image – Masonic designs in Denver USA


 ‘History would be a wonderful thing – if it were only true.’ – Leo Tolstoy

Check this out when you get time. It is quite long but even 20 minutes will get you going.

Many people struggle with the idea that there is even a shadow government or that NASA is a fraud. Fact is all ‘leaders’ are chosen decades in advance – usually at birth. As we have seen with John Key and Jason Derella – they start putting them in the media at a young age in preparation. Politics is pure theatre – as are the technology releases and ‘inventions’. Everything ‘the system’ does is pure social engineering – planned many decades in advance.

This doco makes it clear that there is in fact a grand masonic conspiracy and order that controls the entire Planet. Most experts we have listened to agree it goes back at least 500,000 years. Some say millions and even billions. What they give us is 2000 year blocks of history, usually with an accompanying half truth religion or three to choose from.

It is the universal law of As Above So Below – being played out down here by the Masonic elites.

Same science and laws that Santos Bonacci covers.

We are just their slaves. It is human farming down here on this plane. A soul trap in which everyone reincarnates over and over. The story of Jesus Christ is the story of escaping the soul trap matrix essentially. The masonic  powers that be have designed an artificial system to insure that is no easy task.

They say all 33 degree masons are trannies. All the famous people you see on TV, most of the rich listers and most if not all prime ministers and presidents. Most of the lower level masons have no idea of the extent of it, but they have to agree to be sodomised and begin cross dressing if they want to get higher up, according to some reports.

Same with the rich listers according to some – nothing to do with talent or skill – all about being in the club and doing the rituals to climb the ranks – mostly sodomy and child abuse according to many – with the exception of independents like Allan Hubbard who they just knock off when they decide it is time to take all of their assets off them.

And all very much kept in the family bloodline/s, passed on down through the ages.

No point in being in denial about the science of it all.

Interesting days, that’s for sure.

A few sampler images from the doco first up….

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    Jack says:

    It may help to understand a not very well known situation regarding New Zealand. This is that around 0 AD New Zealand was set up as the “beginning of time for the Aeon of Pisces”, as a peace Nation and training centre. For the Waitaha Peace Nation, Waitaha means water bearers or water pourers”. LUKE tells us to look for the water pourers to n
    Indicate the time of the second coming of Jesus Christ. Obviously satanism, the paedophile sodomist religion will oppose this fiercely. Check a book by Barry Brailsford, “the song of Waitaha ” 1998. Who lived in NZ for over 1000 years, thereby establishing the foundation of the peace millennium in NZ. To create their peace nation, they bound the sacred fish (Messiah) (North Island) to Aotearoa (south Island). The Waka of Aotearoa was pointed south, with Tuatara (the oldest ancestor, the most ancient of days representative) as the guide of the Waka in the stern (Nelson).

    Notice now that the Waka has been reversed in direction, with the stern at Bluff instead. Also noticell that the name “the sacred fish (Messiah)”, has been removed from sight. Thereby appearing to convert the direction from peace to war, and destroying the presence of the Messiah.

    The new Aeon of Pisces was bound in the South Island at Castle Hill, and a sacred rock was set in place there called “the beginning of time”. It being that every new Aeon required a new beginning of time. It is not a coincidence that the distance from Jerusalem to Easter Island (the birthplace of the godman Maui) and the distance from Jerusalem to Mahia Peninsular (the tip of the fish hook of Maui that bound the sacred fish to NZ), is 16,550 km. Exactly the same distance.

    Waitaha held that without birdsong there was no garden. NOTE 1080 POISON. The garden called NZ was set up at the same or similar time, as the successful crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the legendary return of the loving couple (not Adam and Steve) but Adam and Eve, to “the garden”. Which was set in place in NZ.

    Therefore it is simple logic that destroying the birdsong of NZ (by poison in the most extreme cruel fashion) (one of Satan’s names is “the poison of God”), would be to destroy the power of the Christ sacrifice. Because without birdsong there is no garden.

    ALSO the Treaty of Waitangi. Wai = water, Tangi = -funeral. The funeral of water = the funeral of the source of life = the funeral of Jesus Christ. WHICH EQUALS the satanic paedophile sodomist agenda. AS THE BIRTHPLACE OF NEW ZEALAND according to Auntie “hell in clerk”. That the funeral of Jesus Christ is the birthplace of New Zealand according to that “hidden in plain sight” logic. ALL DUE TO REMOVING TUATARA FROM THE NAVIGATOR SEAT OF THE WAKA OF AOTEAROA. At the beginning of time. THAT NEW ZEALANDERS AND ESPECIALLY MAORI ARE BEING RUTHLESSLY SCAMMED.

    The fact is that at the rend of World War 1, the freemasonry Grandmaster Prime Minister Massey decided you steal he fruits of World War 1, from all the people of New Zealand, which was the “sovereignty of law”. And carried on ruling illegally as only a de facto Government, lacking even the rights you make any law, let alone enforce them. As well as the continuation of an illegal PAYE system, that had ONLY (hahaha)been introduced as a temporary measure to help with the War effort. Thereby not only killing tens of thousands of NZERS and Australians, but charging them for it.

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