Positive Money – How to Save NZ from the Pedophile Transvestite Jewish Money Lenders


Featured Image – Thomas Pippos of Deloitte Auckland – Media Whores is seeking further comment on the Positive Money concept. 


Well – these guys appear to be doing some good work. Positive Money NZ. 

Media Whores has heard through the grapevine that these guys “don’t believe” in the pedophile transvestite Rothschild banking conspiracy” – so they clearly lack a degree or 33 of insight, but we can’t fault what they are talking about here…..


False Image – Janet Yellen of the Rothschild and Rockefeller owned Federal Reserve. 

positive money nz

Newsletter #79 – “Solution a matter of public record”.

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The solution to our economic and social woes has been a matter of public record for more than 80 years; the problem is that we have forgotten it. Here is a searchable version of the official Hansard debate for the Reserve Bank Amendment Act 1936.

In 1936 New Zealand was facing similar but far worse problems than we have today and they were solved by the passing of the legislation by the first Labour Government.

The Reserve Bank Amendment Act enabled our Reserve Bank to create credit (money) debt free to build tens of thousands of affordable state houses. The unemployed were given work in meaningful jobs and the wealth generated for New Zealand allowed for the establishment of a welfare system that became the envy of the world.

New Zealand emerged from the first Great Depression sooner and in better shape than most countries and we can prosper once again with similar legislation and the assistance of visionary and courageous politicians.

Help us get the message out to your local MP and let your friends and family know what is possible. We do not need to cut social services, be burdened down by debt and face an increase in taxes or fees.

There is a “Plan B” for the New Zealand economy that has been proven to work.

Following are the significant speeches in the debate on the 1936 legislation along with reference to some of the content.

Our transcript has kept the page numbering from the original Hansard records, with some slight variations to page length to take into account different formatting styles.


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