Is the ‘Pedophile Hunters’ a CIA/ Mossad Opp?


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Well nobody seems to know the name of this Facebook page for the so called pedophile hunters

Media Whores mentioned yesterday that it was very odd that the Herald reporters ran the story. Most of them are reported to be alcoholics, drug addicts and/or sexual perverts of some description.

Then when we searched for the article in question, the other one from overseas popped up also – which was also a bit odd. Why would the Herald – who haven’t really done an honest criminal investigation in well over 25 years – be covering some small pedophile hunter story from the Northern UK? They can’t even cover the Justin Davis Files here in NZ.

They also mentioned NZ author Greg Hallett which was very odd. Nobody in the mainstream is allowed to mention Greg Hallett, on the off chance it promotes his work.

It is possible that the ‘pedophile hunters’ is a CIA/ Jewish psyop – at this stage at least. Until we see the Facebook page and the alleged other “5” cases.

The agenda would be to paint up every white man in a suit as a pedophile in our community. Perhaps. The overseas one paints up every young Muslim man as being a pedo also. And we do know the Jews are at war with Muslims and white people, so it all fits the agenda.

So Media Whores is retracting that one for now. Unless the facts the Herald have claimed pops up.

It is possible it is just some Herald or Newshub (which is the CIA) acting the parts – which would of course come quite naturally to them.

Here is what we do know – the pedophiles are the people in the current globalist corporate system. They have been hand picked and groomed by the masonic powers that be for that reason. We are talking the MP’s, judges, Auckland City Council employees and high flying global corporate types – not your average working Kiwi.

New Zealand obviously has a large number of honest hard working people that wear suits to work each day and are not sex offenders.

Has Media Whores been entrapped in that little psyop here?

It has happened before. Some will recall the Paula Bennett saga in which she must have decided to show some real leadership leading into the general election by voting down tighter gun laws, and the next day almost she was exposed as a racist street hooker – allegedly. We can usually tell by the number of views an article gets – if the Mossad let an article’s views run, it suits their agenda. If they don’t like it, the views are hacked and wound backwards.

Let’s see if any other info pops up – but all seems a little dodgy for now. Even for us.

We still maintain it is a good idea – to try and flush out and expose the pedos in your area – but we think you would find that they tend to be politicians, circuit judges and mainstream media employees, not the average Kiwi in a suit.







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