Jewish Queen Taika Waititi on Illuminati Pedophile Sacrifice in the Corporate Entertainment Industry


Featured Image – Jewish Queen Taika Waititi of Thor fame.  Note the Jewish rainbow wrist band and the one eye ‘Illuminati’ symbolization. Some say the eye symbol is used by most Hollywood transgendered stars. 


Thanks to the new ‘standards’ set by the queers at the Broadcasting Standards Authority, we can use titles like the one above. It is celebrated now really. We should be applying for some tax payer funding by rights, just for our use of the word ‘pedophile’. 

While we are on the topic, Media Whores has decided to seek further comment from Taika Waititi on the Illuminati sacrifice conspiracies coming out of the USA, which seems to prove – or alleges perhaps – that leading entertainers and those on the corporate entertainment fast track have to agree to carry out satanic rituals, pedophilia and even murder their own family members to gain access to the “club”.

Some are now claiming that many if not most of these ‘stars’ were  child sex grooming victims – often kidnapped from their real parents at birth – or taken from their biological fathers by child sex traffickers at least – then sexually abused their entire pre adult lives – even kept in cages – to put them under MK Ultra mind control. Turning them into Mk Ultra sex slaves and willing promoters of homosexual pedophilia, violence and blood sacrifice their entire lives.

Is he aware of these allegations?

Are all Hollywood big names pedophiles or child sex grooming victims?

Has it effected his own career maybe?

And what do he and his mates really get up in the shadows?

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