4 thoughts on “Clarke Gaylord Speaks Out – We Should Not have to go Shopping with All the Poor People”

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    Mike says:

    What about the children born between 2000 and 2015 for the historical child abuse inquiry. These are the one’s who are gonna get badly hurt in the future. These are the one’s they get rid of via “suiciding” to get rid of the evidence, and these are the one’s who can kill themselves. The Babylonian Talmudists like them as young as 3 years old. Even younger. WITH THE AUCKLAND POLICE UNDER ORDERS NOT TO ATTEND COMPLAINTS OF CHILD GANG RAPE etc. Giving the Auckland pedo rings total free reign. Funny how the Auckland Judge who in 2008 sealed the sworn affidavits of Gregg Hallett from public view, made orders that for anyone to see these sworn affidavits, they had to approach the NZ POLICE CENTRAL, AND AUCKLAND CITY COUNCIL (NZ police are totally corrupt according to Ross Meurant on radio talkback. “Very corrupt” is totally different to “totally corrupt”. Totally corrupt means satanic). MEANING the Auckland Court Judge in that one simple statement effectively advised that the Auckland City Council is not just a bit corrupt but satanically/totally corrupt. In fact the Babylonian Talmud Jew tradition is that little girls at that age can grow back their virginity and that little boys are good to sodomize before they turn 9 years old. Real creepy characters. As long as they aren’t Jewish children, but any other race, such as any NZ child is fine. This stuff was discovered and fully documented by the charitable interests of Henry Ford (the famous car maker). MEANING the Auckland City Council and other Councils and Police and Judiciary and Politicians etc have been granted free reign to wreck the lives of little children by this new historical child abuse inquiry. By this so called Jack Ass and Jack boots Ardhern. Run by someone who once represented the cover ups of the main elite pedophile ring in the UK, the British Royal family.

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    Nz-sold says:

    This guys a fkn tosser .. ‘ALL LIKE A THING, so we don’t have to jump in our cars and go to a crappy mall’

    Why the fk do you love Auckland so much, yet complain?

    The only reason this crook loves Auckland is because its easier for them to get away with their ‘work’

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