Clarke Gaylord Speaks Out – “I hit the jackpot”!


Clarke Gayford / Gay Cake Lord Speaks Out – “I hit the jackpot”!

Clarke Gayford secured the biggest acting role in NZ……no doubt VERY well paid.

David Lange – “It is either a Swiss bank account, or a bullet”

Brendon O’Connell – ‘They are all whack job pedophiles and or sexual deviants being bribed by the Russians, Israelis & City of London”

Greg Hallett – “Lifting the carpet on New Zealand shows it to be a paedophile movement fronting as a country.”

Media Whores – “Clarke Gayford is beyond creepy – he is scary”.

Other opinions…and facts….

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6 thoughts on “Clarke Gaylord Speaks Out – “I hit the jackpot”!”

  1. I am as surprised Jacinda hooked up with Clarke as those who knew Paula Benefit before she pulled on the lambs disguise. I used to either supply or find Clarke ecstasy or speed whenever he was working in Crimechurch as a young media whore spreading his cheeks for any producer to further his ambitions. Jacinda aparently love a spin on the decks and in my experience in that scene, she would enjoy some pingers or two!

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    Shams consciousness says:

    Hahaha I love how you see straight through this perverted sick fk! Him and his husband are both sickos

    Will be in touch in time to come bro when I have something constructed to flick through.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      looking forward to it
      if you get no response, remind us here.
      our emails will also be closely monitored

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