Media Whores Statistics – 72,000 + Readers per day


We have previously covered that our stats are hacked.

Anyone watching that Jacinda Ardern KGB article yesterday would have seen the views get knocked back every 5 minutes or so – it was tweeted out right across media, politics and Waitangi Day topics and we think it hit around 200,000 readers, probably the most read article in NZ yesterday.

The website actually went down for 5 minutes last week due to ‘overuse’ when the Mike Balyey article went viral across NZ’s sick little elite club and their army of social media hangers on. That would equate to over 100,000 readers within a few minutes based on hosting data caps.

The PHP software that most of the Internet runs on is owned by an Israeli/ Jewish crowd and they hack websites at the server level – as explained by Brendon O’Connell below. Although it is mostly Russian IT contractors running the Israeli high tech sector these days as also detailed below.

The internet is the New World Order – your little 666 black cube laptop and cell phone has replaced the little black cube Bibles in this new age of the silicon chip, but it is the same mafia running the script. The scribes.

We try to avoid logging into the back end of our hosting to lower the chances of a hack, and we have to change all of the passwords each time we do, but the last time we checked we were hitting up to 3000 readers per hour again. That translates to 72,000 per day. Although that might be hacked also for all we know. Probably is.

Included below are the front end stats, which are hacked and show hundreds of readers every day, but only ever show one or two users on line. Its a joke. The new age of mind control. Our guess is we have well over 200,000 Kiwi readers and possibly 3-4 times that amount from overseas, according to the ‘By Country’ data. Lots from Russia, nothing at all from Israel – they seem to access the site using Google Cloud IP addresses but are no doubt our biggest ‘fans’.


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