Freemasonry is a Homosexual Cult Run by the Jews


Freemasonry is a homosexual cult – run by the so called Jews. Like most cults to be fare.

Much like the religions – which were also all written by the Jewish scribes – Freemasonry contains many universal truths. They mix universal truths with a few giant deceptions and the end result is mind control over the members of the cult by a small group of phony Phoenicians – the same ones that control your phonetics / the alphabet. Just try typing “pineal gland” and Google (now called Alphabet Inc) ‘spell’ checker has removed it . He who controls the spelling – controls the spells you are under – quite obviously.

The modern day Jewish cults seem to have sodomy as their primary means of operating and faggots have flocked to Masonry & the new age churches in recent years.  This was by design because the old Jewish mind control cults looked down on homosexuality so as to better colonize the world, but the new Jewish Masonic cults promote it as part of the new depopulation agenda. Everything is by design.

You have to be sodomized to advance in Freemasonry. All senior masons are homosexuals, cross dressers and transvestites. The Jewish money men demand it. Not all trannies and homos are Masons, of course, but most studies seem to prove that many if not all were sexually and/ or emotionally abused by masonic and churchy types to begin with. Victims of it if you will.

What the Jews call ‘eL’, the Lord or ‘God’ is in fact just electricity. The material world is made up of electrical effects, sometimes referred to simply as light. God is Light – as quoted in the Bible. The Bible is pure Freemasonry also. Or pure astrotheology to be more correct. The only source of knowledge, light and life comes from those lights in the skies and their precise mathematical cycles. This has been studied and documented since creation and that knowledge hidden in plain sight from the Goy public then used to control them.

Still magnetic white light (magnetism, mother mary, the moon etc) divides into red and blue / positive and negative electricity and all of the electrical effects you see around you. When electricity meets carbon on this plane it forms matter. This ‘Godly’ process of forming/creating the material world is apparently attributed to the star Saturn whose energy has the effect of condensing matter and forming bones, wood, stones etc. Thus why the Jews seem to refer to Saturn as ‘eL’ also. Their God. Most matter is made up of carbon 12, which has 6 neutrons, 6 electrons and 6 protons, thus the historic reference to 666 – the material world of matter – doing both good (God) and evil (the Devil). Some people bask in the Sun at the beach, while others get sun burned. An electric fence provides security for one, and a very bad day out for the fool who accidentally pees on it…etc.

Thus ALL religious types (and Masons) are worshiping both God and the Devil – eL/ electricity – but are typically far to thick to figure it out – mostly due to their processed food and factory farmed animal diets. Again by design.  This stupidity and gullibility is often what leads them down the path of masonic ritual sodomy to begin with. They are sitting ducks for all and any wacky ‘new age’ ideas and Jewish half truths – as evidenced by the amount of pharmaceuticals they consume – with a colonoscopy often their final ‘spiritual’ destination.

Knowledge of this science of light and the movement of the lights above us provides the power to influence and control all of its effects down here on this plane-T. This knowledge is the only power there is. Rothschild money, also known as currency/ current sea, is the the primary tool used to control it.

The good news is – there is no need to be raped up your little bottom by the esoteric types to know all of this these days – you can simply watch a few Youtube videos online instead. This is of course great news for the Freemasons – as well as for many of the new age churchy types – you can now have all of the knowledge without the anxiety of worrying that you will be confined to wearing nappies in your old age to stop all of the leakage.

Media Whores is very proud to bring you this information, knowing how many homos – and nappies – it will save.

Media Whores reaches out to the media whores across NZ and abroad to ask if they will join us in helping to share this information and bring more peace and stability to both our Nation and the World! Let’s get the message out there – there is no need to be trying to constantly rape other people’s  bottoms any longer! Just watch the videos below and you will have the sacred knowledge – without any of the awkward health and psychological side effects!

Let’s all reach out to the Masons and the new age Masonic churchy types and share this sacred information with them! You do not have to be raped up your bottom to know ‘God’ (electricity) any longer. This is the great revelation you have all been waiting for.

Be sure to pass this information onto your local MP’s, judges, lawyers, doctors… & talk show hosts – it is not too late for them either.


#SaveNappies #SavethePlanet

Lawful disclaimer – this is a heart felt plea with purely good intention and we sincerely hope others will join with us and share this article and the hash tags today – worldwide. Images fair use/ public commentary – we know all of you guys want to see a better world also – with less environmental pollution and health issues. Let’s do this!

Political Correctness – erm, go fk yourself……you PC queers and queens will save on nappies doing it that way also. 


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4 thoughts on “Freemasonry is a Homosexual Cult Run by the Jews”

  1. Shamanic awareness says:

    Amen brother and theres a few of us right now who are waking up to this! I genuinely love what you’re doing, you have an amazing sense of humour brother bringing light in all aspects into this genuine battle!! More to come my brother

  2. Shamanic awareness says:

    Hi there mate – Thank you for all that you’re doing, NZ is definitely the place where this is happening .. Christchurch gardens from what I have been told also has the GARDEN OF EDEN. Hence the amount of tranny, reptilian, ‘arse bandits’ that live down there working hard to try to destroy the place. This pricks are desperate, once they’re exposed, they lose their power! They are scared because they know whats coming, the RETURN OF BALANCE!!!! Hopefully these beings will learn to embrace the love and Light of the Creator.

    Brother, I am confessing this and I can assure you that when we walk in light it out shines the darkness of these crooks. I am someone who is part a freemasonry family and It has only been recently that I have learnt the nitty gritty behind it! I can assure you I am not lying to you at all what so ever as I understand Karmic law and for me to lie would be stupid! Especially when I more than yourself, want these guys exposed!

    I sourced this from christianconnection (christian being Christ- I-am). Theres loads of info out there regarding this for this of us who were part of ritual abuse. The Leviathan curse is talked about In the KJV of the Bible demons are referred to as evil spirits or devils. The word devils in Greek means daimonion which is translated as demons, fallen angels and messengers and ministers of satan. Demons can tempt man and even enter mans soul to exert influence over the power by which the human being feels.

    Recently through some deep deep self work, as well as accepting the help of others, I have managed to reactivate parts of the brain that were shut off because of the trauma experienced. (there are many others out there who are affected who don’t even realise this). Realise = Real lies or Real Eyes soul/Ego etc etc . . . I am not comfortable talking deeply more about this yet as I am going through fair bit in my own head and when I have a clearer, simplified version to tell, believe me, I WILL!

    In time to come there will be more ..

    In a nut shell, these crooks cannot touch you when you are surrounded in LIGHT! They literally fear us and they try to make it the other way around. Its like the whole Vampire thing, expose them to light and look what happens .. this is LITERALLY what is happening in this present day and age with those of us who are waking up, they can’t handle our light and love .. as sickly as that may sound. As a young Kid we are conditioned to be scared of the dark .. its the dark that fears us .. awareness is key

    When we are born we have all 6 senses working optimally and then the masonic system does all it can to corrupt them, SPEAKING bad words, SEEING bad images and subliminal messaging etc, HEARING profound language, NOT having connection to GOD/SOURCE (6th sense) , TASTING bad chemical laden foetus foods, TOUCHING – USING our hands for the wrong reasons, to get money .. not to help others.

    the allbacks rugby team, have a good look at the players, past players connections, certain ‘characters’ that fly certain modes of transport .. could you pretty please do an article dedicated to the all blacks as the sports teams in this country are the biggest hypnotisers on TV

    Shortland street is another one .. I wonder how many trannys are on that show?

    I Will be uploading more in time to come with other information.

    1. mediawhores says:

      brilliant mate
      you are floating up there somewhere. all very true
      “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR
      Colossians 1:27 – the christ in you. christian/s
      bringing back balance starts with the librans i have heard. makes sense.
      the dead shall rise. my estimate is that these demonic freaks rape 50% or more children in our nations, that is what the schools, kindies and churches are for. 98% of them remain blissfully unaware (in hebrew – be less fully unaware).

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