War is Peace – the Syrian War Hoax


Those people you see on TV and hear on the Radio – telling you the ‘news’ – they are all related to each other, or are ass bandit Freemasons and kiddie fiddlers being bribed. Their job is to deceive you, make you angry and put you in fear – so that they can pose as your saviors and continue to tax you while the ‘elites’ all fiddle with your kids. Been doing it for 2000 + years. Welcome to revelations.


Most of them appear to claim to be Jewish & even ‘holocaust survivors’ – and the more we look into it it appears that behind them is a bunch of demonic homosexual Arabs, although possibly just more Jews dressed up as Arabs.  God…and God’s chosen people. Now granting themselves citizenship to our Nations, via their Masonic puppets in govt, often posing as refugees.

Even we can admit it starts to sound somewhat antisemitic and politically incorrect – but more importantly, is it true?


The Syrian War Hoax

More red headed Jews dressed up as Arab’s follows…….but first up, Syrian Girl issues a plea for help.

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6 thoughts on “War is Peace – the Syrian War Hoax”

  1. Chris Lynch! that cunt for years has had his hand up puppets arses. http://chrislynch.co.nz/site/article/6/134?hc_location=ufi
    He went to Fiji to bring joy with his puppets to young children affected from their last cyclone, make of that what you will but my only run in with him was being cut off in traffic by him in his newstalk ZB car in what could only be described as extremely small penis syndrome. I sent him an email for his talkback show on bad Christchurch drivers and my experience with his driving, his email response was I was talking shit and was jealous of his success. If success is being a fucken Kapo mouthpiece puppet for the One World Order, that cunt can have his toilet and eat his shit too!

        1. Reply
          mediawhores says:

          looks similar
          that was staged psy op also – pushed for months by trans media whore extraordinare – alison mao

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