Donald Trump’s Entire Family are Transgenders and Transvestites – yes really.


Featured Image – the entire Donald Trump family are ‘Jewish’ transvestites. Yes really. Your latest Rothschild puppet saviour is a fully fledged big old transvestite girl, and a serial bankrupt with a very bad cocaine addiction who drinks 10 bottles of e coli  feces (diet coke) per day. This is a direct reflection of those who have fallen for this latest grand Masonic deception. 


There is perhaps no greater sign of just how dumbed down and retarded all of the homosexual corporate cult members have become these days – mostly due to their processed food and vaccinated factory animal diets – than the fact that they have ALL bought into the Donald/ Donna Trump deception – the latest Rothschild/ Vatican banker political con. This one is right up there with the NASA hoax.

NZ Dairy / Fonterra Farmers seem to be some of the biggest fools for this one – they are statistically huge supporters of Trump. Which is no surprise really – you are what you eat.

Whether they be corporate sodomite victims (left wing catchers) who hate Trump – or corporate sodomite rapists (right wing pitchers) that love him and think he is their saviour – they are equally as retarded and brain damaged as each other.

The entire Trump family are trannies.

As were the Obama’s.

Here is how it works folks – for the 100th time :  most of the people you see on TV are related to each other, mostly claiming to be Jewish, usually with some type of weird East German / Polish/ Slave or Russian family heritage and all of them are sexual perverts of some description, many if not most are pedophiles being bribed for sex crimes. They are ALL drug addicts.

Their job is to sell you a false corporate reality all of which is designed to benefit the global corporations and global Rothschild/ Vatican banking industry – while pushing fake medical problems, vaccines, diet advice and related solutions upon you at the same time – so as to keep you in a retarded trance and half medicated animal state of consciousness – much like the chicken and beef you eat – until you eventually topple over upon your pedophile doctor’s instructions and end up with his hand planted firmly up your anus in some sort of modern day masonic / satanic ritual called a colonoscopy – the new age form of Jewish colon-ization.

These ‘elite’ Jewish / Arabic bankers – whom you are fooled into ‘electing’ and borrowing counterfeit money from – seem to want to put their hands up everyone’s bums as some form of new age flag raising ceremony or initiation process into their corporate One World Order. They control all sides of corporate politics – and use the simple time honored Masonic / Jewish method of Divide and Rule to convince the retarded ‘Goy’/ sheeple to keep voting for a new savior, once everyone has had enough of the old thieving savior. Think Jacinda Ardern v’s John Key v’s Hell an Clark v’s on and on. It’s called the Jesus Principle or Doctrine of the Coming One –  the Rothschild savior is always ‘coming’ to rescue you…..soon.

Please be assured that you are in fact clinically retarded if you have not figured any of this out as yet – nor figured out that Trump’s wife is a transvestite or that ALL of his children are also all trannies. Please also be assured these same ‘elite’ Jews are laughing at you behind your back as you pay them taxes, visit their lawyers and doctors for ‘advice’ and send your children dutifully off to their pedophile schools where they groom the next generation of slaves into a lifetime of being sodomized in ignorance by the private corporate Government and Rothschild owned Crown. Paying taxes to and handing your children over to a small bunch of inbred Masonic serial pedophiles who only ever lie to, cheat and steal from you is the very height of thoughtlessness and insanity.

Also keep in mind that the ones who shout names at you when you try to inform them of this important info – about the trannnies, or NASA etc – are the very same Talmudic thieves and pedophiles who are trying to abuse your children. Rest assured, they are the kiddie fiddlers of our society and will go to great lengths to try and stop these facts coming out – because they know it will be their little local pedophile ring that will be exposed next. The Trump Family trannies are their last line of defense in the war against Old Testament /Talmudic/ Jewish pedophilia….and animal farming. And it ain’t just a house of cards – it is now a house of trannies…….


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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Entire Family are Transgenders and Transvestites – yes really.”

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    That guy Nigel says:

    Whats your thoughts on Scientology brother? From what I understand its another abuse club, theres people out their in that cult leading others well astray

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      they advertise o the back of auckland buses. some them up
      santos bonacci has exposed all of the occult science.
      those cnts keep it hidden – and no doubt twist it
      so yeah- will be a another masonic kiddie abuse club

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