Freemasonry 101 – The Homosexual Transgender Religion



Image – Roman Catholic Church sun symbol – same as masonry. Straight out of the Middle East. Much like the obelisk in their front yard and the one they ‘erected’ in Washington. The number 33 is throughout the Bible also – the age that Jesus was said to have died.  Santos Bonacci has explained this all very well – all of the religions are the same thing – its all astrotheology. 


This guy is nailing it

hristos mandylor on Youtube

Just skip over titles to get the idea…..

These are the fruitcakes running our city councils, government and media – and they are waging a covert war against everyday normal Kiwis.

Helped along by the fruit loop Jewish trannies who own the media….Rupert Murdoch for one. Kiwis shouldn’t let their children anywhere near them or their schools or public events. If you see a Government official or media employee, run like hell in the opposite direction would be our advice. Masons are running the super market chains of course also – thus all of the preservatives and other poisons in the foods these days. Trying to covertly murder as many Kiwis as possible. Not to mention the Talmudic doctors with their vaccines.

They have been at this transgendering thing for hundreds of years – at least. Just culminating more recently.

It is starting to make sense – the past 75 years of ‘don’t be antisemitic’ programming. The Masons pushing this agenda in our Governments and media are mostly European looking types, but Masonry itself is apparently very much Arabic/ Semitic.

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