How Many Masonic Transvestites in New Zealand Politrix?


Featured Image – a Judice Goat


How Many Masonic Transvestites in New Zealand Politrix?

Not saying all of these are of course – but it is an interesting question.

How many of our politicians, political commentators and those they protect and employ are actually secret ‘Illuminati’ trannies? We are going with at least 50% Maybe even 75%. Do not underestimate the power of taking testosterone over a few years…

See videos below for the full extent of the conspiracy….we have been lulled into a Sky TV corporate tranny trance.

Media Whores is only a novice at these transvestigations – but typically you are looking at the bone structure, no brows on the men, or eyes too close together and no eye sockets etc. Small arms and hands on the men or big long tranny arms and hands on the women. Check Jason Derella’s forearms – she could have been a forestry worker. And adopted or kidnapped children with a fake marriage. Those kids will usually then be transgendered also.

Images – fair use, public commentary/ transvestigations/ political incorrectness/ freedom in general 

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